Glimpses of Charleston

Charleston is one of the jewels in the southeast, but that has not always been the case. Following the Civil War Charleston’s economy declined as it was no longer benefitting from the slave trade. Later some natural disasters resulted in considerable destruction, and folks left in search of better conditions and opportunity.

After languishing for a number of years, things began to change in the latter part of the 20th century thanks in part to a forward thinking mayor. The result is a restored historic district and a thriving economy driven in no small way by tourism.

Recently, I spent a day exploring Charleston’s historic district paying attention to what I thought characterized the city. It’s impossible not to become aware of wrought iron.

It is everywhere making the ordinary a visual pleasure.

It is rare to see a house without flickering gaslights reminiscent of days gone by.

Containers of flowers and walls of peeling stucco and exposed brick always caught my eye.

Not uncommon in the southeast are steeples and Charleston is no exception.

In the heart of the district is Washington Square named after George Washington in acknowledgement of his having received General Cornwallis’s surrender at Yorktown in 1771. I would not have been as surprised had some confederate general been commemorated there.

Close by the confederacy does get its due with a soaring shaft paying tribute to the sacrifices of those South Carolinians who fought during the War Between the States.

Part of Charleston’s scenery is sidewalk displays of woven baskets representing Gullah tradition. You can be sure I never walk by a display without paying attention to the creations of talented hands.

Observing the process of creating holds a special appeal for me.

Always curious, it is a pleasure to engage with one who is willing to share tidbits of the Gullah history.

No visit to Charleston is complete without taking time to eat. Chicken livers on grits made me swoon.

Those were followed by a ham sandwich with pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes served with a side of fried okra. Having several of my favorite things in one sitting was a treat beyond description!

A special bonus was finding the recipe for she crab soup boldly enscribed on a door. That’s another favorite and it looks pretty easy to make.

Charleston is a fun place to visit and discovering its uniqueness makes it a special adventure.

10 thoughts on “Glimpses of Charleston

  1. We love Charleston! Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I agree that the food is fabulous too.

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  2. Charleston looks like a special place to visit for sure. Fun to see your new adventures in this corner!

  3. I love Charleston! So much beauty, history and fabulous food!

  4. I would be THRILLED to visit Charleston! There is so much history there, albeit some that rattles me to the very core. But history is history, no matter how objectionable or repugnant, and I would love to soak it all up. My husband and I are sitting here right now trying to figure out when we might make that trip. It’s a 2-day drive for us from Missouri, but if we stop at his alma mater in Nashville (which we’ve been talking about anyway!)…easy peasy! I have never eaten fried chicken livers on top of grits, but I’d be willing to try!!! It has been YEARS since I had chicken livers fried up like that! And as for that sandwich, I’d be willing to at least try pimiento cheese because it’s looking mighty good the way you photographed it!!!

    I would love to see all the wrought iron and the gaslights on houses. Just beautiful and, I’m sure, quite memorable. I’m glad you interacted with the people to learn more. It’s the only way!

    1. You should make that trip when I’m in South Carolina so I could meet you in Charleston.

      1. That would be HEAVEN!!! We won’t be going until spring/summer 2024, but we need to try to make that happen!!!!!!!

  5. Charleston is one of my top favorite places! It is so beautiful and full of wonderful restaurants! I love Folly Beach too~

    1. I enjoy our visits to Charleston, but I like Beaufort almost as well.

  6. I love Charleston, and its food!

    1. I’m still trying good places to eat. It may take a while.

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