Salt Marsh Boating

For years most of my boating has been in Maine where I never tire of being on the water, stopping somewhere along the coast for lunch or dropping anchor to explore an island. Since buying our little house in South Carolina, boating has taken quite a twist.

The Low Country has many bodies of water, some little more than a creek, some large expanses. No matter the size, it is certain there will be salt marshes which do have their own unique beauty.

Great Egret

What makes boating interesting are the sights. Most outings, one can spot a variety of birds, and I never tire of trying to photograph them. It’s a lot easier when the subject is standing still!

Pelicans catch my fancy as they remind me of growing up in Florida. No sooner had I snapped this photo than the pelican dive bombed into the water for a tasty snack!

From time to time, we run into a pod of porpoise. Talk about hard to photo, but they sure are fun to watch. There were some young ones in this pod which made it doubly exciting. Thanks to the hubby for getting this shot.

It is surprising to see a number of boats submerged in the water. Unlike in Maine, rocks don’t pose a problem. I can’t figure out whether the marsh is a graveyard or whether the boats resting there aren’t worth saving.

The shore has its fair share of abandoned craft as well.

Luckily, not all shrimp boats have met such fate though I’m told the number has decreased dramatically in the last few years thanks to increased fuel costs and imported shrimp. None will ever taste as good to me as that right out of the water.

Fishing is a big sport in these parts, and it’s not unusual to see anglers out in all kinds of craft. I hope these fellas don’t hook anything too big!

So, this is a taste of boating through the salt marshes. Yes, it does open my eyes to new sights and sounds, but comparing it to the same in Maine would be unfair. Maybe what I miss most is the boat that for so many years took us on great adventures. While adequate, Tini Time is just not Pipe Dreams.

6 thoughts on “Salt Marsh Boating

  1. Something new to embrace and enjoy. Beautiful shots! Wondering about the humidity difference between Main and South Carolina…

  2. So happy that you and Phil are enjoying the beauty in South Carolina. Your homes offer such varied adventures and experiences. Look forward to seeing you soon!

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  3. That dolphin! Pretty water shots!

  4. Love all of the water views, Linda!

  5. Being on the water let’s you see the world in a whole new way~

  6. I love all these photos, especially the dolphin which are very hard to photograph.

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