Low Country…What It Is

Until we bought our little house on Dataw Island, I must admit to not having a very clear vision of what the term low country meant. In fact, I thought it referred more to food like shrimp and grits or fried green tomatoes than to place. How very wrong!

Low Country is actually a geographic and cultural region along South Carolina’s coast that is home to sea islands like Dataw. It includes vast salt marshes and numerous coastal waterways, making it a significant source of the area’s biodiversity.

It is not unusual to spot oyster beds lining the salt marshes.

Boy, do I like it when oysters are in season and become a staple in a variety of local dishes.

Fresh shrimp is another of the area’s gifts, but these days it pays to ask where it is from as so much is imported. That makes it hard on those who depend on shrimping for their livelihood.

There are many sea islands. Most are accessible by bridges spanning the waterways.

The newer bridges are fixed, but there are a few like the one accessing Beaufort that swing to allow boats to pass through.The downside of a swing bridge is that it stops traffic for some time.

The Low Country attracts many species of birds. It is said that as many as 3000 different ones can be spotted over the course of a year. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent with camera in hand trying to capture them.

Sometimes all I have to do is walk out on the porch to spot one that is unfamiliar. I’ve fallen in love with the sassy bluebird that rarely stays put long enough to be photographed.

The cedar waxwing stays around long enough to eat all the berries it can find. This bird travels in packs and they seem to come and go as a group.

A tufted titmouse has become a regular visitor and stays in one place long enough to become subject for my camera.

I’ve grown accustomed to seeing a great blue heron cautiously making its way across the back yard. It sometimes finds a little snake that nestles in the tall grass for breakfast. I thank the heron for taking care of that population!

Every day the Low Country reveals another of its secrets and shares breathtaking sunsets. That makes being here a delight as well as a great learning experience.

7 thoughts on “Low Country…What It Is

  1. This is SUPERB!!! I never was completely sure what low country meant, either. I thought it meant the land set lower, thus all the marshes and such. Excellent “Cliff’s Notes” tutorial! And such pretty pictures! Wow!!! Would you believe that despite it being the Missouri State bird, I have NEVER seen a bluebird in person?!??!??! NEVER in my 65 years of living in this state! That would for sure be a grab-the-camera moment for me!!!!!

    I’ve never eaten fried oysters, but they sure look good on that sandwich! Interesting how they cluster together like that on the shoreline. I’m not really sure how I thought they came to be gathered. This is all VERY interesting!

  2. cuisinekathleen April 20, 2023 — 12:09 pm

    It is certainly a beautiful area! That being said, the East End of Long Island where I live is also beautiful. I am blessed to live here year round. The ocean beaches on the South Fork and the many bays offer beautiful beaches. The North Fork has the Long Island Sound, bays and
    bucolic farms and wineries. Fresh local fish and shellfish are available as well as excellent farm produce.
    There are so many beautiful places in this country and I was glad to add Hilton Head to those I have seen.
    We are both blessed, and you also have Maine, which is so charming!

  3. What lovely photos of your paradise! Thank you!
    Oh how I want some lobster roll!

  4. I too love this part of the Southern US, the Carolinas have so many beautiful spots! You really have diverse living with your homes in Maine, Texas, and South Carolina!

  5. You’ve been blessed to live in such diverse environments. I like how you embrace and explore the areas you find yourself in. Blessings!

  6. Beautiful photos of a lovely place!

  7. Spectacular photography, Linda!
    What a marvelous photo/essay on one of America’s gems – the Low Country!

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