Changing Times

As daughters have flown the coop, married and had children, they have claimed holidays one by one. This year Thanksgiving, the last one the hubby and I have held on to, is being hosted by a daughter. At first I was distraught but have now accepted it as what makes sense.

That being said, I couldn’t resist pulling out those things that have been a part of Thanksgiving here for years starting with the dryer hose pumpkins. Though no one will be eating around this table, they are right there nestled on a wonderful piece of handwoven cloth from Morocco.

As in some other countries, weaving is man’s work, and this is the one who created the beautiful cloth that has often been part of my tablescapes.

Still another traditional part of Thanksgiving has been the Della Robbia dishes by VernonWare. They are the first that were my very own. Over the years numerous sets of dishes have been acquired and these delegated to the cabinet except on Thanksgiving. No way could they be ignored so I decided the hubby and I would use them all of November.

Combined with ever changing fall themed glasses, placemats and napkins, they were at home on the bar or the breakfast room table. As I write, I can’t help but wonder if the daughters or grandchildren will think them special enough to lay claim.

Using those things that have been so much a part of Thanksgiving, a kaleidoscope of memories flooded my brain. Though much has changed about the way we share family time and celebrate holidays, what is always there is the love and gratitude I have for each one who now is family. That is what is important no matter where or how we share.

14 thoughts on “Changing Times

  1. I needed to see this today. I kinda have my panties in a bunch over the whole Thanksgiving situation. I hosted it for years. My Mom, who was not home much because of her career, was more than happy to relinquish it. My husband’s daughter just sort of took it. it has crushed me. But I have to face a new reality.

    God bless you and your family this Thanksgiving season!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy being treated for the Thanksgiving meal! I am glad you have set the table for you and hubby!

  3. Andrykovitz Carol November 23, 2022 — 1:47 pm

    Your cherished Thanksgiving pieces are perfect for the fall. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

  4. I can relate to how the change is a tad wrenching, but I bet you will discover ways to embrace this change that you have even imagined. To your family, the presence of you and your husband is the greatest Thanksgiving blessing they can imagine.

  5. It’s the changing of the guard isn’t it? One year, we actually had Thanksgiving in my son’s dorm at college. It is a Thanksgiving of many funny memories!

  6. I passed the torch of hosting an extended family Christmas Eve lunch to my daughter last year, and was actually able to enjoy it and not be exhausted 😂 Our Thanksgiving will be laid back and not traditional this year, with my son doing the cooking, I do miss our larger formal extended family dinners, but do enjoy not having to do all the planning and prep! I love your pumpkins and turkey, and just because you’re not hosting doesn’t mean you can’t decorate and enjoy!

  7. This year I’m not even throwing a turkey in the oven. We will be at our son’s home for T-day with our westside kids trickling in on Thanksgiving and then on Friday. The coloring on those dryer hose pumpkins is lovely. Nice to pull out the traditional and enjoy at home even though you won’t be hosting. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    1. It sounds like you should have a most enjoyable time. Since you are not cooking, do you get cleanup duty?😉

      1. I’m usually playing with the grands which frees up the parents to clean without the kids underfoot, so no clean up duty either for me! 🙂

  8. Love the pumpkins. We are a table of two for Thanksgiving. Happy you will be enjoying family.

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    1. Isn’t it amazing how something so simple can become a favorite thing!

  9. Linda,
    It is so special to see your first Della Robbia china and beautiful Thanksgiving decorations. I had the same pattern but with blue and green border.

    We, too, will be away for Thanksgiving but I’ll dress my house for Christmas and hope to see you and Phil when you are in Houston.

    XXXOOO Kathleen

    1. For sure there is a get together soon. Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. Beautiful as always and feastive!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🦃🥦🍷😘♥️

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