Morning Walks

Morning walks on Dataw Island are quite different from those on the dirt road in Rockport or the sidewalks in my West U neighborhood. These walks meander along paths beneath trees heavily veiled with Spanish moss.

Most of the paths are close to one of the island’s two golf courses, many of which have water features where the sights can get pretty interesting. Most have alligators, yep, alligators! This day I spotted two. One was dozing in the grass and a great blue heron appeared to be tiptoeing cautiously so as not to wake it.

Another was swimming toward the bank not far from where I was walking. Just in case it was coming out of the water I made a hasty retreat. I’m not sure how aggressive gators are, but just in case…….

A turtle sunning itself is not quite as threatening.

On any given day, there are many birds. I so enjoy watching the herons, egrets and wood storks as they strut, fish, nest, wade. There’s no telling how many photos I’ve taken with necks stretched this way and that.

Though a bit awkward on the ground or in the water, these birds are a sight to behold with their wings spread wide and legs outstretched.

The melody of bird songs always fills the air. Trying to photo the sources is a challenge as the birds are small and flit from tree to tree quickly. Every now and then I do get lucky and get a quick shot of a Carolina wren or bluebird.

Though not often seen during the day, I occasionally spot a deer having an early morning snack.

Always there are butterflies sipping from flowers. Like for the birds, one has to be quick with the camera!

I love these morning walks on an island that abounds with nature. You can be sure I don’t venture out without a camera as there is always a new sight to record.

13 thoughts on “Morning Walks

  1. What a wonderful way to start each day enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.

  2. Carol Andrykovitz November 8, 2022 — 7:31 pm

    Thank you for the beautiful walk you took filled with all the natural habitat. I miss seeing you and the nature of SC.

  3. Great sights indeed! Thanks for the beautiful stroll.

  4. I’m so glad that you, too, make a conscious effort to live in the moment. I’ve been told that I could make good use of the time when I walk by listening to podcasts. I can’t do that. I might miss something that Mother Nature has created for my pleasure.

  5. Both you AND the blue heron are WAY braver than I! No way I would have stuck around long enough to nap a pic! But ALL of the photos are a wonderment! Nature is so fascinating, and to be able to capture it for lasting enjoyment is a great, great thing. And morning walks, wherever they may take place, are the best!

  6. No wonder we all have fallen under the enchantment of Dataw Island! The pictures and narrative capture the charm of the wildlife. I especially love the photo of the turtle!

  7. A walk with nature is most refreshing…love the photos!

  8. So glad you are enjoying the calming of a heart which nature brings.

  9. What a wonderful habitat!

  10. What a glorious walk to start the day!! FOMO, but happy for you!

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