Outside of Woodstock

While the town of Woodstock is charming, what I really enjoyed was exploring first one dirt road and then another.

The countryside is beautiful, and what caught my eye again and again were barns that came in all shapes and sizes.

Judging from their colors red seemed to be the most popular choice.

Here and there white provided some color deviation and provided lovely contrast to lush green backgrounds.

There was no question that barns were not all the same. Some were in settings that were magazine worthy.

Others had what I’d call character.

Then there were those that were just plain run down but still interesting.

What most of the barns had in common were roof top weather vanes.

I was intrigued by the variety of images.

If my camera had a favorite sight, it was silos which, again, were unique in appearance. I liked the contrast between their roundness and the more linear barns.

Without question, barns were numerous and fun to photo, but the country roads had other picturesque images such as covered bridges.

Quechee Bridge

Like so many of the barns, most were red. This one was even dressed up with colorful window boxes.

In a magazine I picked up I read that Vermont has the most covered bridges of any state. I was delighted to find that one was just steps away from the Woodstock Inn where we stayed.

Isn’t it wonderful how revealing and entertaining travel can be? The best part is you don’t have to go far from home to find adventure.

25 thoughts on “Outside of Woodstock

  1. I am just about out the door to gather shots from VT 🙂

  2. Wow! I’d say ALL of the scenes of the barns were magazine worthy!!! I am also a lover of barns and covered bridges (and lighthouses!!!), and these are all beautiful! That white barn looks more like Churchill Downs or something swanky like that!!! It’s beautiful! I love the rustic, timeworn ones, too, though. There is so much history there in many of them, I’m sure.

    I would have guessed wrong about where the greatest number of covered bridges are. Like many probably would have surmised, I would have said Iowa. Good piece of trivia to know!

    Thank you for sharing all this beauty! Since I’m not a great traveler, it’s nice to see these places through the eyes of someone who has a true appreciation!

  3. Exploring dirt roads is always interesting!

  4. Back roads offer many interesting sights. I love old barns, covered bridges, and silos! Thanks for sharing the beauty you discovered!

    1. I see we have much in common when it co es to the back roads.

  5. You found some great covered bridges and barns. Love the weather vanes, too.

    1. I wish ic could have shown them all!

  6. You are so correct… you do not have to travel far for an adventure!
    Love all the old barns… if walls could speak!

    1. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to pay attention to what is around us.

      1. Well said!
        I’m so happy we came across the apple orchard as we do not have one close to us here.
        Thank you for the visit. Happy Fall!

  7. So much character in the old barns, I wonder why they were so often painted red? The covered bridges are so pretty, and window boxes, wow!

    1. Wonder if red made it easier for the cows to find the barn.😉

  8. The 4th photo is my favorite. I love how the barn is reflected in the still water. Thank you for this charming post. ☺️

    1. And thank you for enjoying it. The photo you mention is also my favorite as it reminds of a stunning place.

  9. How interesting!

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  10. The sight of old barns gives me great pleasure. What stories they could tell!

    1. They would mostly tell stories of being built and all the livestock that lived in them. They may tell of how the livestock left one day and never came back.

      1. It would be fun for all of us to share the story we imagine.

    2. And whatever the story you would tell it well!

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