A Touch of Humor

With it being so easy to take photos they have a way of piling up. I’ve been trying to clean up my photo library to make room for more and can’t help but laugh at some that I’ve taken over the years. The ones that especially tickle me are of signs, and I can’t resist sharing some.

Like what other kind of lobster is there? A stuffed one perhaps.

Now this is a clever play on words!

Wait, what’s happening here?

I don’t know where Boring is, but I hope it doesn’t live up to its name.

This one says it all!

One does have to have priorities.

Think a rename might be a good idea?

How can you not get a giggle out of this one?

One of my all time favorites and it speaks the truth!

There are many more such in my photo library, but I’ll spare you and hope you get a kick out of these. Capturing whatever catches your eye is what makes photography so much fun.

25 thoughts on “A Touch of Humor

  1. The family beer and liquor though🤦 organic lobster🤔 thank you for the pics

  2. I love the last one! What a way to clean up photos! 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing! 😂😂😂

  4. Haha, I love them all Linda! There is a vet’s office I drive by often that always has a funny saying on it’s sign, so much fun!

    1. Anything that makes us chuckle is good, right?

  5. 😀 Hahahaha, these are excellent!
    Thanks for sharing! 😀

  6. So much fun. Thanks for the chuckles!

  7. I enjoy reading signs, they do provide interest and laughter. You collected some good ones!

  8. Love these 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    1. I seem to have a thing for signs and grafitti.

  9. And what a good eye you have!

    1. You never know what’s going to catch your eye.

    1. Good….glad you enjoyed them.

  10. Andrykovitz Carol September 5, 2022 — 6:24 pm

    Thanks for sharing your photos. Very entertaining! Happy Labor Day!!

    1. I can’t believe it’s already September. See you in less than a month.

      1. Carol Andrykovitz September 6, 2022 — 4:10 pm

        We look forward to your return.

  11. LOL….thanks for sharing…..

  12. These are fabulous!
    Thanks for sharing.
    I need to clean up my library as well.
    Happy September!

    1. There are lots of surprises once you start going through years of photos!

  13. I love Maine, it’s a really unique state. Lived there 50 years. We will be visiting at the end of September to go to the Common Ground Fair.

    1. Common Ground is another great source for photos.

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