Everyday Tables

Among my favorite things in Maine are the flowers that color the landscape from late spring through early fall. I thrill to the ones that bloom in my yard and cannot resist bringing them in to be the stars of many an everyday table.

Rhododendrons in luscious shades of pink are the first to bloom and be shown off.

Always they make it easy to create a colorful centerpiece.

When a table is set around these beauties, it is understated so as not to take away from nature’s gifts.

The stunning pink tones of the blooms influence the choice of napkins and glasses. The simple pleated napkin fold is a favorite as are the old fashioned thumbprint goblets.

I like having flowers on the table, but when they are from my very own yard the pleasure is doubled and make table setting a real joy. It pleases me to think of all of you at the table.

16 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. Beautiful blooming yard and the table with those blooms is wonderful. Happy summer in Maine to you!

  2. Just beautiful! I love those ceramic chicken vases!

    1. A TJ Max purchase some years ago.

  3. Lovely! Flowers should always grace a table!

  4. Your table is spectacular, as always, Linda. Those flowers are stunning. So happy you are back in Maine!

    1. I am always happy to be here and beautiful blooms make it all the better.

  5. The rhododendron are beautiful and your table is lovely, Linda!

  6. Rhodies make such lovely bouquets! Yours are beautiful!

    1. I just wish they lasted a bit longer.

  7. Carol Andrykovitz June 27, 2022 — 4:06 pm

    You are masterful at everything you do.
    I love your flower gardens and the beauty they add to your table settings. You do a fabulous job. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Maybe not masterful but having beautiful blooms to work with helps.

  8. So beautiful. Your table setting is such a color wheel
    Thsnks for sharing.

    1. My pleasure and thanks for taking a look.

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