Between the Two

In what is called the lowcountry are two shining stars, Charleston and Savannah. Halfway between the two is another, Beaufort. Chartered in 1711, it is the second oldest town in South Carolina.

Beaufort claims to have the most still standing antebellum homes in the south. What is interesting is that most were summer homes for plantation owners whose vast holdings were on the islands that make up the area.

To capture cool breezes, water facing homes were built at an angle to the south. Many had floor to ceiling windows that opened like doors to let the air in.

While many of the old homes have been restored, it is not unusual to see work being done on one fallen into disrepair. As you might guess, restoration must conform to the original structure and materials cannot be substituted. I’d say that requires some skilled carpenters!

Where there are brick fences, this pattern is common as it improves air flow. Many of the bricks are thought to have originally been ballast in ships coming from Europe. Once the ship was unloaded the bricks were left behind and used in construction. That strikes me as early recycling!

History taught of Sherman’s march to the sea, and I couldn’t help but wonder why Beaufort’s beautiful homes were not destroyed. The simple answer is they were used as hospitals for injuries of various kinds.

Like many places where history is a draw, Beaufort has its share of horse drawn carriages.

It is home to the old swing bridge that Forrest Gump ran across as well as to well known and popular author Pat Conroy whose memory is shared at a center bearing his name.

Streets are graced with oaks draped with dancing Spanish moss.

Speaking of oaks, it is not uncommon to spot an angel oak with boughs spreading gracefully on the ground.

Beaufort is a draw for visitors yet it is quieter than Charleston and Savannah and life impresses me as simpler. The food is good, and here I’ve found the best ever oyster po’ boy, my second favorite sandwich to a good Maine lobster roll!

14 thoughts on “Between the Two

  1. Wonderful architecture. That’s such a good idea for air flow with those bricks layered that way. Smart. Katie and I stayed in Beaufort when we were in South Carolina for Andrew’s graduation from Marine training at Parris Island. We stayed in one of those antebellum homes. So grand. It was called Rhett house. That angel oak is amazing and that sandwich looks delicious!

    1. I just saw Paris Island from the water and was surprised at its size. ah, the Rhett House is one of those angled to the south.

  2. Charleston and Savannah are 2 of my very favorite cities, charming, beautiful and unique in so many ways. I haven’t been to Beaufort, it sounds like another great SC destination. Where is your house located?

    1. Beaufort has its own charm and feels a little lazier.

  3. Oh, Linda, isn’t it fascinating how each state brings something so different for you to explore? There are only 4 states, besides Hawaii and Alaska, that I have not visited and all of them bring unique features. Their own private world appears. I love South Carolina offering just what you have talked about here. Keep on exploring. We love hearing about your findings.

    1. I’m always happy to have new things to explore.

  4. Brought back lovely memories of a trip for my cousin’s wedding near Charleston.

    1. The lowcountry is an interesting area for sure.

  5. You painted a vivid description of a beautiful part of the country. It’s so nice, a friend in local government tells me that there are 35 people moving into Charleston County every day. It’s harder and harder to find quiet. We like Edisto Island….extra quiet.

    1. We haven’t been to Edisto yet but a boat trip there is in our future.

  6. Linda… this really brings back great memories of the Low country!! Great photos… some of those homes looks just like those on Sullivan’s Island

    If you want to go fast, go alone; If you want to go far, go Together (African proverb) Sue Porretto . . . Identify, Select, Manage & Develop Talent Provident Enterprises


    1. We are enjoying exploring what the area has to offer.

  7. We love Charleston and Savannah. We need to visit Beaufort! I like a quieter atmosphere.

    1. Beaufort has its own charm.

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