VanGogh Immersive

I don’t know what it is about, but any timeVanGogh’s name is associated with an exhibit, thousands throng to see it. So it is with the VanGogh Immersive that since 2017 has drawn more than 5,000,000 visitors and is still going strong as it travels from place to place.

The show is more than an art exhibit as it uses modern technology to show both still and moving art.

More than 300 of VanGogh’s paintings come alive as they appear and disappear.

The projections are all around whether one is standing, sitting or lying on the floor. The experience is absolutely amazing.

There is more than the projected images. There is what I call an educational component that informs viewers of VanGogh’s history and his approach to painting.

His use of color is consistent as he relies heavily on blue and yellow. It was interesting to learn that VanGogh is thought to have been color blind which explains his limited palette.

Of course, no VanGogh exhibit would be complete without a reproduction of his well known Starry Night.

As if all this isn’t enough, there is the virtual reality experience that allows one to walk through a painting. No photos here, you just have to imagine what it would be like. I was totally in awe!

I had some reservations about taking young ones to the exhibit, but they were as enthralled as I. It was a wonderful way to introduce them not only to VanGogh, but to the world of art.

Influenced by what they’d seen, all were eager to show off their own art skill.

Should VanGogh Immersive come to your area, take advantage of a fascinating opportunity to learn and enjoy.

10 thoughts on “VanGogh Immersive

  1. It does look like a great experience.

    1. All of us totally enjoyed it!

  2. Sounds incredible, I would love to experience this!

    1. Hopefully, it will show near you as I think you’d like the experience.

  3. Hi! The exhibition is currently here in Kansas City, MO. I’ve been hearing about it for months. It got pushed back because of the pandemic, but it is now going full force through the month of May, I think. That would be neat to do!!! Thanks for the endorsement. I’m never quite certain about going to some events unless/until I get a thumbs up 👍🏽 from someone whose taste I trust. Have a fantabulous weekend!!!

    1. I think you’d enjoy it. It was both an entertaining and informative event.

  4. Linda, how amazing this must be. Hopefully, it will come close enough for me to enjoy!

    1. If it does get close to you, go as it is quite an experience.

  5. Our family went to the DC show a few months ago. It was beyond amazing and even our three year old grandson was enthralled!

    1. It is quite a family experience which was fun to share.

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