Everyday Tables

These days my tables are pretty simple as in the little South Carolina house there’s only one set of dishes. Luckily they have different combinations of color and pattern so there is opportunity for mixing and matching.

For sure they lend themselves to thoughts of blue and white, colors I don’t have a lot of. Here I have used a scarf folded to work as a table runner and filled blue and white vases with flowers. Not bad for a starting place!

From there it was just a matter of adding on. Placemats from our Hungarian exchange student were a lovely backdrop for the multi patterned dishes. The beautiful blue glasses may have been designed for water, but they will work just fine for wine.

Several days after this first table for six, two friends were joining us for a very simple dinner.

Not being one who has to change every table, I simply opted for different placemats replacing with ones crocheted by my mother-in-law some years ago.

Different napkins and glasses and the table looks like new once again validating my theory that table setting does not have to be a challenge. What is most important is the company that will gather round the table for good food, lively conversation and laughter.

5 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. Andrykovitz Carol May 2, 2022 — 5:52 am

    Your table settings are beautiful. Your creatively is beautiful. Your style is enviable.

  2. Love the original and the change up, too. Lovely placemats from your exchange student and the mats from your dear mom, too. Blue and white is a very favorite of mine. It’s always been hard for me to walk away from blue and white dishes, etc. Happy end of April to you!

  3. Wait. What? What did I somehow miss? South Carolina??!?!??! What about Houston and Maine? Have I just lost all track of space and time?!?!??!?!?

    Your exchange student had VERY nice taste! What a beautiful gift!

    It is so hard to dislike blue! It’s one of those colors with a calming effect that can’t be easily beaten. I suspect it adds to the peaceful, easy feeling (sorry The Eagles for stealing that!😁) of home while you’re there.

    Have a spectacular and serene weekend!

  4. You’re amazing!
    Like a chameleon, changing a few things and restyling the tabletop!
    GO GIRL !

  5. Next thing you know, you’ll be featured in Garden & Gun Magazine 😊

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