Sunday Wanderings

Chapel of Ease

When you’re out and about with a camera, you never know what surprise may occur. I was once again shooting a favorite spot when a young lady showed up for her bridal portrait.

I surely didn’t want to interfere and asked to snap a few candid photos not likely to be part of the professional photographer’s captures.

Preparations complete, the bride walked to the chapel holding her dress out of the dirt. I couldn’t help but giggle when I looked at the photo and noticed the footwear. No doubt flip flops were a comfortable choice considering the lengthy posing that followed.

In between the real shots were relaxed moments.

Those moments also provided time for an extra flouncing or two to keep the dress looking perfect.

A couple of time outs were necessary to swat the irritating gnats that seem to always appear when there is human prey.

All in all, this was a very fun happening and no one seemed to notice me on the outside snapping away when the real photographer was reloading his camera or giving instructions for the next pose. My only regret is not getting contact info so I could share the unposed moments that would contribute to her memories of a special time.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Wanderings

  1. You are a sneaky one, Linda. Got some very shots and YES you should have got information to send to her. Way to go!

  2. It is fun to capture those unplanned moments! Nice…

  3. Oh how I wish you could share these wonderful captures with the bride!

  4. Linda, wonderful photos as always. You never know what will happen with camera in hand. Happy Monday!

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