Happy Easter

Second best to spending holidays with family is having friends to fill the void. So while we’ll not be watching the grandsons fill their baskets with loot, there’s a hunt of a different kind. Grown men are looking for treasures in the yard while wives laughingly cheer them on.

When all bounty has been claimed, we head inside where food is ready and the table is waiting.

I never thought of blue and white as Easter colors, but a table runner found at Hobby Lobby inspired me to rethink. I had blue and white vases which were filled with cheery sunflowers, so it was a no brainer to have the color scheme be blue and yellow. Sometimes things happen quite by accident.

On a Walmart stop, I spotted plastic plates which just happened to include blues and yellows. As you might guess, I couldn’t resist! From Houston I’d brought some bunny plates thinking they’d come in handy, and they did!

I often like mixing glasses with different shapes and color. Here lovely blue ones are paired with recent thrift shop finds that I bought because of their square shape. I am loving the treasures found at thrift shops.

Though not what I’d originally planned, the blue and white table is a happy one, and it was fun stepping outside the norm. No matter how the table is set, what I always like best is having family or friends gather round for a shared experience.

Happy Easter to you all, and I hope your table is full of joy.

10 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Love the sunflowers, rabbit ears and jelly beans. What a great Easter table, Linda.

  2. Love the adult egg hunt! We had one for our adult kids one year before our grands were born and we had a golden egg with a $50 bill in it. That was fun. Your table is nice and I’m always up for yellow and blue! Happy belated Easter to you…except Easter is never over because Christ is still alive!

    1. After a groan or two, the guys were very good sports.

  3. Carol Andrykovitz April 19, 2022 — 12:07 pm

    Happy Easter,
    Your table was so pretty and happy. I love all of your finds and how you mix them together. I wish I had your talents and the desire to shop and find new things.

    1. Having a house to furnish makes it easy!

  4. If ever I’m feeling sad and blue, I will think of that first photo and soothe myself a hundred times over!!!! That is FABULOUS!!!!! The guys were great sports! Pardon me if I steal that idea for some future gathering. It is just TOO rich!!!!!!!

    1. Surprisingly, the guys were very good sports though yesterday I found a few unfound eggs!

  5. Ha ha, I loved seeing the men hunting eggs, reminded me of men on a golf course hunting for their ball! Happy Easter Linda!

  6. Lovely blue and yellow table! Happy Easter blessings!

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