On Hunting Island

Hunting Island is one of many that make up South Carolina’s Lowcountry. It was first occupied by Native Americans and once the white man arrived, it’s history was connected to plantations and slavery. Today, however, as Atlantic waves roll in and out, it is where one can escape the challenges of the outside world.

Walking the beach, I love seeing the joy on a child’s face as he/she rushes to show a found treasure.

I am reminded of wade fishing with my dad when I spot someone doing just that. No doubt a catch will be that evening’s dinner.

Seeing a person lost in a book uninterrupted except by the sound of the waves tells me that is in my future.

While the waves may not be huge, they are enough for some to experience the thrill of surfing. I’m thinking that’s a lot of work for little reward!

Not bothered by my presence, a variety of birds scamper along the shore seeking a tasty treat.

In the background, a lighthouse rises above the trees. Seeing me staring, a person told me that at one time it sat closer to shore, but due to erosion it has been moved farther back 3 times. Considering that construction began in 1874, it is interesting that it was designed to be disabled and moved as need arose.

There is so much more to Hunting Island, and I can’t wait to return to capture and share more of its beauty.

10 thoughts on “On Hunting Island

  1. Beautiful area. Love the photo of childhood glee. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to enjoy the seashore. Hoping to remedy that this year. The photo of the seabirds is special!!

    1. Hunting Island is a special place.

  2. Carol Andrykovitz April 17, 2022 — 4:48 pm

    Wishing you a Happy Easter. I love your observations and that you share them with us. The day looks beautiful and perfect for a visit to Hunting Island. Be well.

  3. I’m sure you will find more as you explore the South Carolina beaches.

    1. I had no idea they were so beautiful!

  4. Beautiful photos in a peaceful place!

  5. Everyday is “ a Great Day in South Carolina”…and there are a few more lighthouses to explore.

  6. DonNell Rushing April 15, 2022 — 11:19 am

    You probably found the only lighthouse that is not located in Maine. DNR

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  7. A beautiful and serene place, I hope you get back there soon~ Happy Easter Linda

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