Putting It Together

After resolving the issue of bothersome tiles in the kitchen and entry with new floors, paint and a remodeled kitchen, I began thinking about how the little green house could become a warm and comfortable nest.

Surprising even myself, the first thing that captured my attention was a chair for the dining room. Now I know that isn’t how one should begin a decorating journey, but I couldn’t keep myself from purchasing it and ordering more. It wasn’t just the look that appealed, the chair is very comfortable.

Rather than question the decision I began thinking about how the chair could be the starting point for an entire look. What I decided was to go with natural textures, black accents and splashes of color. So began haunting consignment shops and shopping the internet.

It didn’t take long for a mistake to occur. Whether it was my mistake or the vendors, the rug that would go in the dining room arrived with unexpected yellow trim. Rather than return it, I painted the trim with the wall color A New Gray. Problem solved successfully!

On to the fun. Days of looking resulted in things new (coffee table, rug) and used (everything else), and I delighted in each find that meshed with my goals. From here, going forward was easy.

For the sofa and love seat I selected a fabric not quite gray, not quite beige to have made in a style that would go with any decor.

Thinking about splashes of color, orange kept creeping into my consciousness. That led to weaving cloth for throw pillows. Having something handwoven is a must when it comes to our home.

Orange is repeated in the ottomans which can serve as extra seating when it is necessary.

So far choices had been relatively easy. The biggest challenge was finding a new light fixture for the dining room and a table to complement the chairs. Hours of online searching finally resulted in the fixture. Totally frustrated, I returned to the store from which the chairs were ordered and asked for help. A lot of looking led to a weathered rattan glass top table which is perfect.

Even though this is a small house that doesn’t need an excess of furniture, it is important that the choices be right. Satisfied with the major pieces, I turned to looking for a few things that would complete my initial intent and add a touch of fun.

For those touches of black and texture, the entry hints of what is ahead. Putting the little house together has been such fun, and I still have an eye peeled for those few things that will complete it. In time, they will appear.

22 thoughts on “Putting It Together

  1. Sure, a chair is an unorthodox place to start with the whole decorating foray, but it definitely worked for you! You’ve been having FUN!!!!!!! Some parts can be frustrating, but for the most part it’s a blast redecorating! This looks terrific, and I’m a little jealous. I just can’t seem to get off my duff and dive in again after taking a break from all the projects the last 2 years. I’ll get there. Who knows? Maybe it’ll all start with a chair!🪑

  2. Thanks for taking us on this decorating journey. Your expertise and love of textiles ties the new look together. The result is quiet and soothing because of all your special touches. You are so talented!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I love every single thing. You’ve created a warm, inviting space.

    1. Thank you, my friend. It’s been a fun project.

  4. What fun to furnish/decorate your little green house. It is looking very put together and comfortable. Enjoy!

    1. We are enjoying it, Ellen, especially the fact that it’s small.

  5. I really love your choice of chairs, they have so much texture that makes them very special.

    1. They have worked out very well and are comfortable enough to sit in for after dinner conversation.

  6. You have chosen well Grasshopper! Beautiful and I love the sofa table/cart! What a fabulous piece!

    1. We’ll, thank you, Nancy. The console is my favorite find.

  7. You are a master at decorating a house, Linda. I also love how it changes throughout the year. Certainly is a job very well done. YEAH!

    1. Thanks, Barb, we are quite happy with the little house.

  8. Linda, I love what you have chosen. This must be a very special place that will be enjoyed.

    1. We are enjoying both Dataw and the little house which suits us just fine.

  9. What fun! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Quite different from Houston and all the space we need.

  10. Loved seeing the nest you created!
    Thank you for sharing how you created it and your thought processes.

    1. We are enjoying this Little house. It’s especially easy to clean.

  11. Everything looks so good. I love the chairs too. Thanks for sharing your creative selections. Such fun!

  12. Love your choices

    1. Thanks, Teresa. It’s been fun finding things, especially those from consignment shops.

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