Calling on Creative Thinking

With friends coming on St. Patrick’s Day for a traditional Irish dinner of corned beef and cabbage, the blue and white that was on the table just didn’t seem quite right. What’s a gal to do when she has nothing green with which to make a change?

Walmart is not too far away, so off I went to see what I could find. There was nothing that suggested St. Patrick’s so I wandered around waiting for an idea to strike. Nothing hit me until I passed by the fabric area. There I found a bright green cotton, $3.44/yard. I got one yard thinking I could make some kind of table cloth. I also got some inexpensive white napkins and a couple of spools of ribbon, all of which were the colors of March 17.

On the way home, my brain was working to figure out how to get the most mileage out of my purchases. By the time I pulled into the garage I knew what to do. I cut the 45’ wide fabric into 3 strips. With duct tape I connected 2 of them for a table runner. You gotta love duct tape!

Then I tied the ends with ribbon and folded the cloth to fit the table.

With the runner in place, the question became what to do next. I had candles, but I wanted more. Flowers are always nice so it was off to Publix where 3 for $12 bunches provided the answer. You can be sure I chose the ones with the most green and white flowers,

Surrounding little bottles of flowers with candles, the centerpiece was done, and the rest was easy.

I planned to use glass plates, but they were rather boring on a glass top table. Remember that third strip of cloth? It became 6 small pieces to put under the plates. If you notice the edges are frayed, they are as I don’t have a sewing machine!

Plates were topped with those white napkins tied with ribbon and with the addition of flatware and glasses the table is finished.

I wouldn’t want to be this challenged for every table, but this one was fun. It was like putting a puzzle together and not missing the last piece.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody!

18 thoughts on “Calling on Creative Thinking

  1. I have been having a hard time leaving comments but with the help of WordPress, hopefully that has been corrected. Your creativity really came though on planning your table.

  2. You took great photos dear 🥰

      1. You are most welcome ❤️

  3. Wonderful job pulling off a great St. Patrick’s Day table. You creative juices were really working.

    1. It turned out to be a fun project.

  4. You are so talented!! I am amazed at all you can do. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m glad not to have to give every table such effort!

  5. You’ve risen to the challenge beautifully!

  6. Very creative! It looks wonderful and festive! ☘️

    1. A challenge that turned out to be fun.

  7. Well done on the fly! Happy Irish Day!

    1. On the fly is a good way of putting it!

  8. It is perfect and you enjoyed the challenge. Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️💚

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