Looking at Art

I would never have thought of exhibiting Picasso and Calder together, but an exhibit at The Museum of Fine Arts Houston did just that and what a dynamic twosome they were.

Calder was an American who left for Paris in the mid 1920s. There he began depicting circus images.

Particularly unique were his wire images of acrobats. I was amazed at how he could create such energy in bent wire.

While Calder focused on creating with wire, Picasso painted acrobats. This painting drew my interest because it is one unbroken line. After studying it for a few minutes, I think I determined the starting point!

It wasn’t long before Calder moved from wire images to his more familiar abstract sculptures.

I love their gentle movement and the shadows they cast.

Reclining Nude

To complement Calder’s sculptures were Picasso’s paintings which were meant to show their similarities. Here, for example, are geometric shapes as in Calder’s sculptures and black lines reminiscent of the wire pieces.

I particularly liked each artist’s rendition of his studio.

Though very different in style, both impressed me as representing spaces that were somewhat chaotic and likely very personal.

Constellation, Alexander Calder

Throughout exhibit, it was a challenge to determine how the work of these two artists meshed.

The Straw Hat with Blue Foliage, Picasso

Certainly, it made me look closely and consider each artist in new ways. Such is the beauty of art!

13 thoughts on “Looking at Art

  1. Ooh! I love the art so much!

  2. That one studio looked like my brother’s studio. He is a wonderful artist.
    Thanks for this spectacular tour.

    1. Artists don’t always have neat studios for sure.

  3. What a powerful exhibit! The 2 artists really compliment each other!

    1. It was an exhibit to visit more than once. BTW, blue cheese bacon dip was a hit.

      1. Oh good! Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Thank you! It”s great to take a break from words. Fascinating information.

    1. Such a fun exhibit worthy of multiple visits.

  5. Thanks for the peak at this exhibition, and your excellent commentary. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to get back to Houston to visit family and this wonderful museum!

    1. Houston is lucky to have such wonderful museums. I take advantage when I am here.

  6. A most entertaining post! Thanks for inviting us into this world!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed what was a really wonderful exhibit.

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