Simple Pleasures

For his birthday, a friend invited us to come for paella. Now that’s an invitation not to be refused as he makes a mouth watering version. He knows that paella is high on our list of favorite dishes which makes the hubby and me very appreciative guests.

Since we were being gifted with paella, it seemed only fair to ask what we could bring. What he wanted was a cake, not just any cake but an almond cake. Oh boy, I’m not a great cake maker and had never made an almond cake so what’s a girl to do? It was Google to the rescue!

There were lots of almond cake recipes, so how does one know which to choose, especially when you want it to be as good as the paella? After reading through many I finally chose one posted by The Cafe Sucre Farine and crossed my fingers.

This is the result. While the cake looks good, the jury was still out on taste. I held my breath as the birthday boy took his first bite. When he leaned back and sighed I knew it was OK. There was only a small piece left at dinner’s end, and he asked for it to be left behind. No problem as it was small exchange for his yummy paella.

If he makes paella for his next birthday and includes us, I’ll happily bring another almond cake though I’m not sure I’ll be so precise in arranging the almonds. Talk about time consuming!! Oh well, it was worth the effort if it made our friend a happy guy.

8 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Carol Andrykovitz January 31, 2022 — 11:57 am

    What a beautiful cake. I am happy that the birthday boy loved your work of love and appreciation. Sounds like a great night for all.

  2. The almond cake looks like a work of art, beautiful! You are a good friend!

  3. That cake looks fabulous as does the Paella! What a wonderful meal shared. Great job on all those almonds!! 🙂

  4. The Almond Cake looks delicious! Good for you for trying a new recipe.

  5. More beautiful than the original – looks like it came right out of a french patisserie, Linda!

  6. It looks beautiful, and since there was so little left, that definitely applauds the taste!

  7. I’m sure it was a pain to place all those almonds, but it certainly looks beautiful!

  8. What a special birthday gift, all around!
    Love paella and your almond cake looks fabulous!

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