Ring It In

2021 has come and gone. While it may not have been my best year, it was not the worst by any means. Sure, it had its ups and downs thanks to Covid, but the hubby and I fared quite well and are grateful.

Looking forward to a new year with optimism, it seemed appropriate to ring in 2022 in style with a nice dinner shared with close friends.

Often my table settings have a story and so it is with this one. The bells inspired me to pull out the china which always reminds me of my parents.

As a child I remember my dad adding to mother’s collection every birthday and anniversary. I wish I’d asked Mother why she chose this particular pattern as its delicacy strikes me as so different from her usual taste. Just as it has been given to me, I hope one of my daughters will choose to keep it as a rememberance.

At my place are memories of both my mother and mother-in-law. The WmRogers stainless belonged to Mother. These few pieces are all that remain which is so my fault as when I had to hurriedly move her to assisted living I gave everything she didn’t need to charity shops. This one setting, along with a few dishes, I moved with her. Needless to say, I so regret having being so hasty. The soup spoon belonged to the hubby’s much loved mom and is one of the few things I have as a physical memory of her.

The story doesn’t stop there. The textured pink glasses were given to me by a dear friend who knows how I love all things for a table. They belonged to her grandmother which makes the gift extra special.

It is always satisfying to set a table filled with memories whether they be of people or place.

What is equally good is knowing that when friends gather new memories will be created. That is the real pleasure of enjoying meals and time together at a beautifully set table. It is why I never tire of welcoming friends to our home.

I hope you have found your own way of ringing in 2022 and will look forward with hope in your heart.


Tablescape Thursday

10 thoughts on “Ring It In

  1. I enjoyed reading your post of memories through the beautiful pieces handed down or over to you. I, too, am a gatherer of all things for table settings and enjoy expressing myself that way. I look with hope to 2022! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Carol Andrykovitz January 7, 2022 — 11:28 am

    Hello Linda, Your table is beautiful and full of memories. Thank you for sharing each story with us. Everything looked so festive and pretty. I also loved your candles. I look forward to seeing you when you return to Dataw., I have a Christmas card story to share with you. Stay well and be filled with hope.

  3. Beautiful table! I love using those pieces from others before me. The memories!

  4. Beautiful table and memories, I love cranberry linens and the way you placed your napkins…

  5. I like the statement, “Looking forward to a new year with optimism.” Also, the way you use memorable things!

  6. My favorite tables always have memories attached. Thank you for sharing yours. Love the delicate china. Happy New Year, Linda!

  7. A delightful setting to create lovely memories. Is that a painting of a napkin ring?

  8. So lovely, and a loving tribute to your mother and mother-in-law!
    I cherish every spoon, glass, dish, serving piece as you do.
    Behind each is a story of another life, well-spent!
    We’re Blessed with these treasures!

  9. How wonderful that you’re surrounded by meaning. In today’s disposable culture it’s easy to forget we can surround ourselves with our loved ones by hanging onto relics from our time together. 😇

  10. Beautiful as always. Happy Mew Year!

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