Everyday Tables

With December drawing to a close, those days of enjoying holiday paraphernalia are almost over.

For me, one of the pleasures of December is using dishes that only come out once a year. On nights when the hubby and I are home, it is fun to set the table, changing it up a little each time.

Having given the traditional Spode dishes to a daughter, I am left with one set of Christmas dishes. They are Bella Ceramica which lend a sense of fun to any table.

I also have salad plates with snowmen images that feel right for the season.

With those pieces the challenge of creating a few combinations to keep the table from becoming boring begins. Changes are minimal….new napkin, a different napkin ring.

Glasses are another easy change.

A tweak here and there with chargers and placemats provides a variety of backgrounds.

The hubby begins to notice that things aren’t the same every night and seems to get a kick out of the ever changing table.

Just as the dishes are used over and over, a simple centerpiece stays put the entire month though it, too, may be rearranged from time to time.

So what is the point of all this? Well, unexpected change has made dinners more fun. It has maximized making the most of very few things. Finally, there’s the satisfaction of just doing it.

Table setting provides infinite possibilities and is one more way of expressing one’s creative self. It is what makes everyday tables special.

21 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. Kathleen Oliver January 1, 2022 — 9:14 pm


    So happy to have seen how you create beauty! Thank you for sharing.

    Happy New Year to you and Phil.


    1. It makes me happy to know you follow along. I am grateful.

  2. Love you table scapes. Your creativity is amazing! Happy New Year!

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Thank you. Setting a table is a wonderful way to discover one’s creativity.

  3. Carol Andrykovitz December 31, 2021 — 1:46 pm

    Love all of your table settings and your ideas to mix things up. You do a great job and inspire me to do the same. Your knitted tree looks so good. Congratulations!!
    Think of you often and wonder how you are doing.

    1. Setting tables is a passion with me. I’m much better at it than I am at knitting!

  4. Changing things up keeps it interesting and fun! Love your unique dishes! Happy New Year Linda!

    1. How very true and such a simple way to be creative!

  5. Linda, your everyday tables are always creative and fun! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, Pam. I am a great admirer of your tables which are always so beautifully done.

  6. I enjoyed seeing your nativity collection. And changing your table at the Holidays is a delight. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Glad you noticed the nativities which have been collected over so many years.

    1. Thank you. My hope is a good new year for us all.

      1. You’re welcome! I trust your hope will come true!

  7. I’ve always loved to tablescape. I also love to enjoy a drink in just the right glass whether it is water, juice, champagne, wine or a cocktail! Fun plates and glassware! Happy New Year!

    1. We have that love in common and setting a table is one of the easier ways to express oneself.


    1. Well, thank you, Mary. Tables are something I so enjoy doing.

  9. Delightful things. Living alone now. No outside lights or inside decorations and no visitors. Not worth the effort anymore but I really do enjoy your blog and your quality and elegant productions.

    1. Thank you, Carl. It’s nice to have shared posts with you for so many years.

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