Finding Good Eats

Don’t ask me what it is that attracts me to certain restaurants, but no matter where I am it’s fun to find good eats in unexpected places without relying on Trip Advisor. They aren’t always fancy and the curb appeal may be lacking, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to venture in.

Shoot, without continuing to talk about my culinary adventures, I’ll share these found during our recent time in South Carolina. Each had unique character as well as tasty vittles.

This is the Fillin’ Station. OK, with porta potties sitting out front and a somewhat rundown look, some of you might not have stopped. The hubby wasn’t keen on it either, but I was hungry and intrigued by the place.

Inside folks were shooting pool and enjoying midday beers so my interest in stopping could definitely be questioned.

Still not put off, we spotted an outdoor deck. Seated there we had a wonderful view of marsh land that so characterizes South Carolina’s lowcountry.

Looking at the menu, there was no question we had chosen a good place.

I’m crazy about fried oysters and couldn’t resist ordering the po’ boy which hands down is the best ever! Since that first stop we’ve gone back multiple times and have introduced friends who agree that the Fillin’ Station is a special find.

Next up is Harold’s Country Club in Yemassee. At one time it was a filling station and garage and it, too, looks pretty nondescript. Inside, the decor is classic clutter and there is no question about the building’s original purpose.

If what I understood is correct, every night features a different all you can eat buffet. This night it was fried chicken with all the southern fixins that made me think of eating at my grandmother’s! By the time I finished stuffing myself I could hardly walk out of Harold’s! I swooned over the perfectly fried chicken livers and made such a to do over them, I was given a container to take home!

The last find was Gullah Grub which like the other two places seemed a little shabby. By now, however, I had discovered that looks can be deceiving!

Inside lime green walls and shelves were covered with Gullah memorabilia which gave insight to this lowcountry culture.

The menu offered only a few items, but what there was was prepared as it was ordered and served hot right from the kitchen.

Some of the items were bottled for sale, and we left with gumbo and some seasonings.

I was feeling pretty proud of these discoveries only to discover Southern Living had featured an article on Harold’s several years ago. Just this week The Washington Post had an article on Beaufort and to my amazement Gullah Grub on St. Helena Island was the only eatery mentioned. I guess I’m not the only one who likes to stumble on the unexpected!

9 thoughts on “Finding Good Eats

  1. Sounds like my kind of adventure, Linda. Wander in and take your chances. Got to witness some wonderful settings, too. Way to go!

  2. These are my kind of places! That Fried Oyster Po Boy looked so good!
    I am now off to the fridge… I wish I had some oysters to fry!

  3. Well…you are the first one I read who talked about these places. 🙂 It’s fun to find good eats!

    1. Indeed it is and I’ve found some great ones.

  4. Yippee! Another chicken LIVER lover!!!! Everybody goes for the gizzards and turns their nose up at the livers. Fine! More for me!

    I have found that the more rundown the place, the better the food…generally speaking. They’re not interested in winning a beauty pageant. They just want to serve up good food for a reasonable price. I am 100% OK with that! The portable bathrooms out front would have been a bit off-putting, but at least they weren’t IN the dining room, so…! That is one shocking color on the walls at Gullah, but again…I don’t need Pantone’s color of the year to make my dining experience. As long as the place is clean and the food is good, I’m all in!

    1. Alycia, I’d love to have you along to ferret out good places in nondescript locations. We’d have such fun chowing down.

  5. Local dives often have THE best food! I know you had fun experiencing and tasting your way around low country!

    1. Oh Jenna, I’m loving exploring new territory.

  6. My mouth is salivating for all dem good eats!
    I’ll start with the fried chicken livers!
    Yum yum!

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