Antebellum Holiday Style

Beaufort, South Carolina is said to have the most antebellum homes in the south. Many of these stately mansions date back to the 1700’s and have quite a history. Fortunately, many have been lovingly renovated through the years to become inns or private homes.

I was delighted to learn that several would be decked out for the holidays and for the price of a ticket open for viewing. Photo opportunities were limited, but it was possible to snap a few creations that may provide inspiration as you think about holiday decor.

The south is home to Spanish moss, magnolias and pine trees, so it was not surprising to see them as popular design elements.

Some combinations were perfect in their simplicity.

Though not likely intended, this welcoming wreath had a touch of Texas to this girl’s eyes!

Not all creations were so simple but were stunning combinations of nature’s gifts.

Porches are a feature of antebellum homes and provide ample spaces for decorating.

Here a tree not only moves away from the traditional red and green but incorporates shells common to the coastal area.

Inside the homes were some breathtaking arrangements, many too elaborate to be easily duplicated but consistent in using natural elements. A manageable favorite incorporating greenery and fruit does, however, provide inspiration for a number of possibilities.

Whether inside or out, simple or elaborate, there were ample takeaways from the tour. With a head filled with ideas, I’m ready to begin readying for the holiday season. How about you or are you one of those who is already ahead?

8 thoughts on “Antebellum Holiday Style

  1. It is always fun to see how different parts of our country decorate for Christmas because of climate differences.

    1. Very true. My neighborhood seems to be all about lights!

  2. I’m inspired by your photos and your narrative about Christmas in Beaufort!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Are you staying in South Carolina for Christmas? My daughter and I stayed in Beaufort while we attended Boot Camp graduation for our son in law at Parris Island. We stayed in a lovely old Inn called Rhett House. We enjoyed the architecture and the Spanish Moss!

  4. I love Beaufort and I’m sure it was a spectacular Christmas tour!! Thanks for the tour Linda!!

  5. Oh how beautiful! What a great for you to go and tour these lovely homes.
    Thank you for sharing all the beauty!
    Enjoy your week my friend!

  6. Beautiful displays using so many natural elements!

  7. So many beautiful decorations! I just got back from the coast and need to get busy, you’ve inspired me!

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