Call It Crazy!

Last March we rented a house on Dataw Island in South Carolina. In fact, I introduced you to it here. While we never expected or intended to buy property, by the time we left we had bought this little green house. Crazy? Yes, but, like many of the rest of you, we’ve done nothing much the last 20 months thanks to Covid caution. That is explanation enough for some rash behavior! So began the project that has taken much of my time in recent months.

The little house was built in the early 90’s and was in need of some updating. What made this challenging were the tile floors in the entry, kitchen and breakfast room. I wanted them gone, but the hubby firmly said NO! Got the picture?

With that being said, the tile led to more changes than we had anticipated. First off, we replaced carpet with vinyl, yes vinyl, flooring. I turned up my nose a bit at that suggestion, but the product is much improved since I last saw it. It not only has the look and feel of wood, it is easy to take care of as well as transitions nicely with the tile. Too, we have an aging dog, so the floors may prove to provide an unexpected bonus.

With new floors, there was, of course, no choice but to repaint. Again the tiles influenced color selections, all of which are in that category of not quite beige or gray. The kitchen takes on a whole new look with freshly painted cabinets, new countertops and hardware.

Walls in both the kitchen and breakfast area pick up their color from the floor tiles which are now beginning to not look so dated and unappealing as at first.

Now, if the range and dishwasher ordered way back in March would arrive, all would be well in this area of the house.

In the meantime, I’ll keep cooking on this little one pot induction unit and washing dishes by hand. Thankfully, prepared favorites from Costco and Trader Joe’s have made life quite easy.

Throughout the little house, changes have occurred one by one. It has been fun, though not without challenge, putting everything together. Hours have been spent on the internet finding everything from bedding to furniture to rugs that would create a warm and homey feeling. More about the discoveries later.

Cabinet color: Crushed Ice SW7647

Walls: Mega Griege SW7031

Countertop: Caesarstone Quartz in Pebble 4030

Floors: US Floors COREtec

23 thoughts on “Call It Crazy!

  1. The flooring look lovely and those kitchen cupboards look brand new! 😊

      1. It’s amazing the difference a few simple changes can make!

  2. Things happen 😊 Most every home we have had was bought on a whim. I know you will love the low country.

    1. The hard part is figuring out how and where to spend time!

      1. You were reading my mind. 😁

  3. Looks fabulous! Quite a change!

    1. It is a change and we are enjoying the outcome.

  4. Looks great, Linda! I know the feeling of backorder with big ticket items. I have resorted to estate sale finds for a casual dining table and sofa. We are using a table for my husband’s desk until we can get the order complete. Amish made furniture is more than a year in lead time right now, and that’s a moving target.
    I almost used Crushed Ice when we redid our bath a few years ago. I like that color. Your choices look great so far. Happy nesting.

    1. I bought quite a lot at consignment shops which were a great find. We heard today that appliances are now scheduled for January…..arrrrgggg!

  5. How wonderful! And how beautiful! I look forward to you updates and the time you spend here!

  6. It’s looking great! CRAZY that appliances are still not available and delivered!!!!! It’s the new way of the world, I suppose. I’m PRAYING nothing breaks down here!!!

    I was faced with a similar dilemma earlier this year when we had our lower level floors resurfaced. My husband said NO WAY to getting rid of the existing tile in the full bath down there and that surrounds the bar. Pooh! So I went on a search and discovered that same LVP (luxury vinyl planks) that are perfect for that space and work well with the existing tile. The lower level has flooded a couple of times before, so this seems like just the right medium to withstand such another occurrence…God forbid! I really like it, and even extended it into my home gym area.

    I’ve bought a few things during this pandemic, but not another whole house!😂😂😂 Kudos to you guys! Enjoy fixing it up to your liking now and for all the years to come!

  7. Oh how nice! I love coastal South Carolina, and you obviously fell in love with it too! I actually like the tile, and you will love the ease of cleaning it. Can’t wait to see more, it looks charming!

  8. I love what you’ve done

  9. That’s how it happens. First, you make one little change. Then, everything else either looks shabby or breaks down. Before you know it, everything needs replacing!

  10. How wonderful, Linda. It looks beautiful! Hope your appliances will soon arrive!

  11. I LOVE putting together a new home. Always gets smaller so is a different challenge every time, Looks wonderful, Linda! and HAVE FUN!

  12. I love it!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!
    Hope your appliances arrive soon!!

  13. A BIG plus for you is being near my cousin Cathy, TK and her family during the winter on Dataw!
    Your place looks low-country charming!
    See you when y’all get back to Texas ?!?!

  14. Well how great is that. Looks like a fun project. What months will you be spending in this charmer?

    1. So now I understand why you haven’t posted this sumner. I’ve looked for your charming posts almost every day. So glad you have survived the remodel. It looks great and you have a great knack and imagination for decor.

  15. So, will you now commute from there to Maine or just use as a rental? How far from the sea?

  16. It is filled with charm and perfect for this new chapter in your lives –

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