Dink for Pink

Over the years I’ve been to many a fundraiser, but never one quite like this. Organized by two ladies on the spur of the moment to raise money for breast cancer research, Dink for Pink drew a sizeable crowd of men and women wanting to be part of this first time event.

It was a perfect evening to enjoy mixing and mingling which was a real bonus.

As you might guess, most everyone showed up wearing some shade of pink. No guy resisted the color choice!

Pink, of course, is the color symbolizing breast cancer, but what is dink? It is a pickleball term meaning the ball has to drop just beyond the net without going outside the first line. On this night, every ball, including the serve, had to land within that space. May I tell you that can be quite a challenge!

Challenge though it may have been, all participants came off the courts with a smile.

Between time on the court, there was plenty of socializing as well as snacking from a table filled with pink goodies.

Not everyone came to play pickleball. Some came to be part of the event or to cheer on a friend or spouse. As you can imagine, the atmosphere was quite convivial which made it fun for all.

By evening’s end, more than $2500 was raised and many women who experienced breast cancer were honored by attendees. All in all, the evening was a smashing success thanks to the creative effort of a couple of ladies desiring to make a difference. Kudos to them!

9 thoughts on “Dink for Pink

  1. This is cool!!!!! I’ve never played pickleball, but I know a lot of people who do and they really like it. I can’t imagine getting the ball to land in a designated spot over and over again! Maybe Serena or Venus could do it, but not me!

  2. How fun! We have pickle ball here. I have never played.

    1. Try it, Nancy. It is so much fun!

  3. For spur of the moment it was a huge success! Did I mention we are putting in a pickle ball court on our property? We are looking forward to the extra exercise in our backyard.

    1. I’m so jealous that you will have your own pickleball court which will be great fun for your family. You may get a lot of new friends, too!

  4. What a fun event! Pickle Ball seems to be all the rage lately!

    1. Pickleball is said to be the fastest growing sport and is such fun for all ages. I love it and so enjoy people who are playing.

  5. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing the get-together. Best, Elaine


    1. It was such fun and for a good cause.

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