Destination: Stockton Springs

Fort Point Light

Stockton Springs is one of those small towns that define Maine. With a population less than 2,000, there is little to draw one there but for a historic lighthouse.

Such is no longer the case as two gentlemen from the west coast have chosen Stockton Springs as home to their restaurant The Hichborn.

Located in an historic house, the restaurant is inviting and cozy, a just right setting for a slow paced multi course meal.

From the moment bread is placed on the table, you know you are in for a special dining experience.

While nibbling on the crusty bread is a good time to peruse the evening’s menu. The multiple courses cover all the bases.

I am a believer that presentation has a lot to do with how a meal is enjoyed.

As each course was served, I was blown away by its beauty.

Not only was each appealing to the eye, the combination of ingredients was equally creative. The peach and jalapeño jam atop the halibut brought sighs of pleasure.

The same was true of the accompaniments to the steak which was cooked to perfection.

It would have been enough to stop right there, but no, there was more! The peach/blueberry cobbler was served with anise ice cream which offered a surprising flavor.

If all this wasn’t enough, a generous slice of coconut pie was boxed to go home. Talk about a treat to which to look forward!

Thinking that Stockton Springs was an out of the way place to open such a superb restaurant, I couldn’t resist asking the owner about the choice of location. The simple answer is that it is located halfway between such popular destinations as Camden/Rockport, Castine and Bar Harbor. That makes it available to a considerable number of people.

For us, Hichborn House is a 45 minute drive but well worth it. I can’t wait to go back and will get to work on reservations right away as I’m sure they will be harder to come by as the restaurant’s reputation spreads.

19 thoughts on “Destination: Stockton Springs

  1. We definitely travel to eat…someday. It course was beautifully presented.

    1. You would love a meal at Hichborn.

  2. Beautiful presentation! Looks delicious!

  3. To drive 45 minutes to eat, it MUST BE something very special!!! Wow! But what forethought on their part to locate there. Not ONLY did they move clear across the country, but they did their homework enough to take a calculated risk on a spot others might have taken for granted. Kudos to them! I hope they enjoy a long and prosperous time there with their business and that you become customers they well remember as among their first and most loyal! And yes…their food is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    1. I agree that the guys took a risk choosing their location, but it seems to be paying off. Maine is interesting as it seems people have no qualms about driving miles to quality places be they farmers markets or restaurants.

  4. Lucile Hanscom - October 20, 2021 — 1:35 pm

    This restaurant is definitely on my “go to” list! Thanks you for finding it, Linda! The photos are fabulous!

  5. Now that looks like an amazing meal worthy of a 45 minute drive!

  6. Beautiful presentation! It looks like it will be a big success!

    1. Believe me, the guys are drawing a crowd. I’m making reservations early for next year.

  7. That looks familiar…like we had dinner there with you — maybe on your birthday??

    1. No, it’s new on the scene. Next time.

  8. Wow. Didn’t even know about this. Will have to check it out!!

  9. Linda, You are so right that this place is worth the 45 minute drive. Outstanding!

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  10. What an incredible meal! Wow, what fun it will be to enjoy again and again with different menus!

    1. That’s what I’m thinking!

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