There She Goes

For the last time, Pipe Dreams left our dock, and I could not help shedding a tear as memories of good times on her ran through my head. There are many, but the best ever was the adventure from Rockport to Burlington, Vermont. Come along as a few of the highlights are shared.

First stop was Boston, a trip from Rockport of about six hours. I have flown into Boston many times, but seeing the cityscape unveil from the water was new and dramatic.

After a luscious dinner at Mama Maria’s and an overnight among big, I mean really big, yachts, we headed to Newport, Rhode Island. One can’t go to Newport without visiting the mansions once owned by the rich and famous. It was impossible not to think about how much would be required to furnish one of these enormous homes!

Then it was on to New York and time out for a Broadway play, exploring Central Park, window shopping and indulging in some of the good food the city offers. As always, my heart beat a little faster in the Big Apple.

With those stops behind us, we began the journey up the Hudson River, so filled with history and wonderful places to visit. First was Kykuit, the Rockefeller estate that is filled with breathtaking art and antiques. It remains on my list of top places I’ve visited.

Further up the river is Hyde Park, home to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. It was a little disappointing to find the property not particularly well cared for, but history represented there was interesting.

Along the Hudson is much history to say nothing about the number of lighthouses, each one different.

What I loved about boating on the Hudson was the ability to see the shore on both sides. As we went further north, there were beautiful, peaceful scenes that quieted the soul.

Along the way we couldn’t resist stopping at local farmers markets where we found all kinds of good things with which to prepare on boat meals. The original plan was to eat out where we stopped for the night, but we were so well stocked on the boat that never happened nor did spending the night in B&Bs. We were so comfortable on Pipe Dreams it didn’t seem necessary.

Life on the boat didn’t interrupt some on land activity. The hubby got a big kick out of my doing yoga on the stern. I told him that kept me in shape for the hard work I had to do with lines both on the boat and at anchor.

Some ten days after leaving Rockport, we arrived in Burlington, Vermont, on the shores of Lake Champlain. It being the beginning of fall when the light changes, we were treated to some enchanted evenings.

Without question, this adventure is one that is etched in my mind and one I would do again on a moment’s notice. With Pipe Dreams having moved on to a new owner, that’ll not likely happen, but new adventures lay ahead. More about those later.

32 thoughts on “There She Goes

  1. There are many journeys in life and this one had to be memorable in many ways. Many joyous and some sad ones as well. I will look forward to the next adventure that the two of you embark on. Hugs from both of us.

  2. OMG, best Boat Trip ever. So many exciting places. Love the mediation post with waters and the U.S. Flag behind it. This is the way to travel safe and super fun. Thanks.

    1. The Hudson adventure was one of many we enjoyed, but it ranks at the top of the list.

  3. Sherleen Zehner October 8, 2021 — 7:56 am

    Such wonderful memories y’all have made! A perfect life!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Memories are what life is made of, and we are fortunate to have many good ones. You are a good memory!!!

  4. What an amazing trip! I hope your boating days are not over… we have never taken overnight trips by boat, but we do have a lifetime of great boat memories and experiences…I can’t imagine doing yoga on a boat, your balance must be amazing!

    1. Boating days are definitely not over. They will just be on a different boat in new and old places.

  5. A grilled cheese sandwich with tears on it is NOT delicious. I should’ve known better than to read this while eating my lunch. Aw, man! Ugh! I’m so glad you have beautiful memories, but it’s also just so gut-wrenching watching her sail off LITERALLY into the sunset. I had to bring my sandwich upstairs to my office to look at the pics on the larger screen of my desktop computer. I wanted to take in all their beauty, especially that next-to-the-last one. If that doesn’t stir your soul, I don’t know what will. I’m excited to go along with you on wherever the next adventures take you. Meanwhile, au revoir, Pipe Dreams! Au revoir.

    1. Yes, there are many memories but soon we’ll be making new ones on a different boat, different place.

  6. Oh how wonderful to hear your fabulous journey!
    Can’t wait to hear what’s next!

    1. We are anxious to begin the next chapter on a different boat.

  7. Angerman, Bliss H October 7, 2021 — 9:11 am

    Hi Linda!!

    This was a beautiful trip!!
    Could you please change my address to.

    I retired from UT 8/31, but I would love to continue receiving your emails.

    Please tell Phil hello for me! Did I read correctly that Pipe Dreams has been sold?

    Always a blessing to know you both!

    Bliss Angerman, retired
    Cockrell School of Engineering
    C: 512-627-3444
    Sent from my iPhone

    1. It was a great trip. Bliss, I don’t think I can change your email. To continue receiving the blog, unsubscribe and resubscribe with you new address.

  8. A wonderful post of interesting words and lovely photos. I so enjoyed this journey with you!

    1. It’s always good to have you share my various adventures.

  9. Linda, what a wonderful adventure on Pipe Dream. I will be anxiously awaiting what is next!

    1. We are waiting for a different boat to arrive so we might begin new adventures, closer to you I might add.

      1. Wow, are you leaving Maine?

      2. No, more to come about a new location.

  10. What a beautiful heartfelt musing! Thank you for sharing.
    Jennifer and David Harris
    Ottawa, Ontario

  11. A bittersweet journey. I’m looking forward to hearing about your new adventures.

    1. I am quite anxious to begin new adventures, but first we have to have the boat!

  12. Loved traveling along on your wonderful adventure story! ❤️

  13. My wife and I love and really enjoy Lulu’s Musings. This is one of the best!!!!
    We missed spending spring and fall in Camden the last two years due to Covid.
    Our best to you,
    Weldon and Dawn Rigby
    4960 Post Oak Timber
    Houston, Texas 88056

    1. It tickles me to know you all follow along as I know how much you enjoy Maine. We’ll soon begin new adventures in another place but not giving up Rockport.

  14. It was wonderful traveling along with you vicariously!!! I hope selling your boat doesn’t mean you are leaving your home in Maine too!! Selfishly,I look forward to the “peeks” we get into your life in New England and all it’s beauty…, I would greatly miss it. Mary in Colorado

    1. No, we are staying in Maine but also experiencing a new location in a different boat. Hopefully, that begins soon. Thanks so much for following along.

  15. I cruised the same waterways years ago. Memories of that cruise will stay with me as long as memory serves. Did you pass by Fort Ticonderoga?

  16. I’m sure you will always have many lovely memories of the PIPE DREAM as you sail forth to new adventures.

    1. Memories we have and will soon begin new ones in South Carolina on a different boat.

  17. WOW Linda……What a wonderful journey and adventure!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. It makes me happy to know that adventures are shared with you.

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