Meet the Trolls

The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens are one of Maine’s top attractions. Native plants and trees are not all that is interesting there. Always art is mixed in among the growing things.

New this year are the giant trolls which are hidden in natural wooded areas. Created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo, they were built on site by him, staff and more than one hundred volunteers.

Unlike the trolls in a children’s fairy tale, these are friendly and impart information about trees and their place in nature. So now come with me, wander through the woods and meet the trolls.


Roskva stands for the trunk which provides support for the tree as well as habitat and food for animals and fungi. Roskva is the heaviest, hardest and strongest of all the trolls, and she remembers everything that happens around her.


This is Lilja who is the youngest troll. She loves the scents and colors of flowers and the bees and butterflies that fly through the branches of trees spreading their collected pollen. Her widespread arms appear to invite you to come closer.


Now meet Birk who holds the roots that allow trees to signal one another who needs food and who may be suffering from pests and disease. Birk is wise and a teller of tales to other forest creatures.


Soren was not easy to find as he was well hidden in the woods. He is a curious troll who sees that in the branches of a tree is another world. His happy countenance makes it easy to see why insects, birds and animals are drawn to him.

The last troll to discover is Gro who smiles with the leaves of the tree. Like the leaves she disappears in the fall only to return in the spring. Isn’t her posture reminiscent of sitting for a spiritual practice?

There you have it, the trolls of the woods. Next time you wander among the trees keep an eye open as they just might be there.

17 thoughts on “Meet the Trolls

  1. Someday I’ll get there! We have a kiddo at College of the Atlantic, and the gardens were on my list this summer when we dropped her off, it we didn’t make it. Next time! I wanna meet those guys!

    1. I suspect the trolls will be in place for quite some time as they aren’t going anywhere.

  2. Hello, I’m Fairy Queen and I write to you from Italy. Nice to know you. Serenity and peace to you 🌹💐🌺🌸🌼 These trolls are wonderful 😍😍😍

  3. Oh, wow. These is like entering one’s childhood dream and fantasy.

    1. Without question, the trolls brought smiles!

  4. What whimsical sculptures. These are the kinds of trolls we can all enjoy, unlike the ones online.

    Too bad I didn’t know about the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens when we drove through the area three years ago. Our reciprocal membership from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center would have gotten us in for free.

    1. You will have to come again so you can visit the gardens with your camera in hand.

  5. Oh, my gosh, Linda! We must make a trip to Boothbay and get a bird’s eye view of those trolls. As I study the great snapshots here, I seem to want to see them in person. I think they are just huge, character driven and just plain wonderful! Thanks for sharing you adventure.

  6. What a fun walk through the woods! Thanks for posting.

  7. The trolls are so interesting and I am glad they are friendly! Thank you for sharing your world!

  8. Holy Wow, these are amazing creations! I’m glad you told us they are friendly because they look scary to me! Their size is spectacular! How much fun!

  9. Amazing! I enjoy art in all it’s different expressions!
    These were truly fun! Thank you for sharing!

  10. so grateful LULU! I found out earlier this evening that two of my neighbors (double vaxxed) came down with covid on the same day, became quite ill, got the infusion and recovered after 3 weeks of disease and discomfort, and two men in their 40’s down the block died last week, one leaving a wife and small child behind. BUT NOW THAT I’VE SEEN THE TROLLS I CAN GET HAPPY AGAIN. please keep masking and stay as save as possible. djsc

  11. Well that is fun. I like these friendly trolls!

  12. Love this! These must be fairly new? We are headed to Boothbay Harbor this week. We’ll be sure to check these out. There is also a large troll built by the same man in Breckenridge Colorado where we spend our summers. Also, one in Kentucky, south of Louisville. Such talent and imagination. Thanks for the post. I’ve missed you.

    1. The trolls are worth a visit. An advance ticket to the gardens is required and you can purchase online.

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