Brave and Outspoken

“A flower does not use words to announce its arrival to the world; it just blooms.”

Matshone Dhliwayo

When we first came to Maine an early observation was that flowers seemed larger and brighter than in Texas. A then young daughter commented that they were brave and outspoken. That forever sticks in my head and perfectly describes the beautiful blooms Maine so proudly displays in summer.

It is rare to see a home without something adding color to the landscape.

Every garden is different. Some have specific color patterns.

Rockefeller Gardens

Others have a wild array of color and texture that thrills the soul.

Maine Botanical Gardens

Maine is fortunate to have a stunning botanical garden that showcases all that grows well in the environment. Here one can not only glimpse native beauty but get ideas for creating a unique and successful home garden.

Thanks to visits there I’ve learned not to be overwhelmed at nurseries where there are incredible selections of plants, many of which are new to me. Slowly but surely I am figuring out how to combine annuals and perennials so that I don’t have to start from scratch each year.

While a proficient green thumb eludes me, I will claim a surprising success that cost nothing but a little luck. For years two unidentifiable bushes lay under a tree and never did more than produce a leaf or two. Thinking them worthless, I attempted to remove them resulting in being left with a bunch of roots. Curious as to what they were, I planted them along the driveway where they would get morning sun.

Expectations were minimal, but take a look at what happened after a seemingly pointless effort two years ago. From a handful of roots and a failed first year, there is now a flourishing row of Annabelle hydrangeas.

Some blooms are as big as my head.

Their size makes it difficult for weak limbs to hold them upright, and I’m hoping for stronger next year. Obviously, the roots had a desire to thrive which makes the blooms definitely fall into the category of brave and outspoken!

14 thoughts on “Brave and Outspoken

  1. What fun to read. I love your daughter’s comment and the hydrangeas!!

  2. While Maine can have its challenges with such a short growing season for many plants, it does have stunning gardens.

  3. Oh, Linda, I am always amazed at the flourishing color that dominates the summer of beauty in Maine. We all seem to plant that special flower, but we are always experimenting with something new. I am just catching up on your blog! Such wonderful writings and your outstandingly beautiful table settings. Just delightful!

  4. Having loved hydrangeas all my life, it made my heart sing seeing your beautiful photos!
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Brave and outspoken indeed! Such beautiful flowers in your neck of the woods.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Wow, I would say you have a very green thumb, the hydrangeas are beautiful!!

  7. They look beautiful! Good job not throwing them away!

  8. Love the garden palette you create with TLC!

  9. The Annabelles are gorgeous! Brave and outspoken they are.

  10. I love this !!!

  11. I like that, brave and outspoken. How amazing are those hydrangeas that took root and thrived. So pretty.

  12. I love brave and outspoken!!!

  13. Well, look whose green thumb is standing brave and outspoken now!!! Are you kidding me!!?!?!? That is INCREDIBLE good fortune to have your hydrangea bushes reclaim life under the rays of the sun! This is really very encouraging for someone like me who has written off many, many, MANY plantings!!! Enjoy the beautiful botanical sights!!!

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