Destination Castine

Castine is a favorite destination for lunch that we get to quicker on the boat than by car. Entering the picturesque harbor, the shore is dotted with graceful Maine cottages and in the distance a lighthouse.

The town has quite a colorful history. Before flying a colonial flag it changed hands often between the English and French thanks to landings by the likes of Samuel Champlain and John Smith. For a brief period even the Dutch laid claim. Remnants of its history dating back to the 1600’s are still there.

Should one be interested in exploring Castine and learning a bit more of its history, there is a walking map available that makes it very easy.

Castine is home to the Maine Maritime Academy where young men and women get an excellent education as they prepare to join the Coast Guard or become ship professionals. On occasion we have arrived to witness new cadets being whipped into shape. Newcomers initially may be taken aback by what they’ve gotten themselves into!

On a recent visit those I think were first year cadets were readying for an 80 day expedition on the State of Maine, the academy’s official vessel.

For sure, they were prepared and I couldn’t help but wonder if there was room in small staterooms for all they carried! Asked if he was excited one cadet replied cautiously, I’m not sure because I’ve never been off the mainland!” I’d say he has quite an adventure ahead.

Each visit to this charming Maine town has something new to reveal which is why we never tire of going there. And, of course, a tasty haddock sandwich is an additional perk!

7 thoughts on “Destination Castine

  1. Castine is one of those towns that is what we all imagine what Maine is like. It doesn’t disappoint.

  2. Boating to lunch is a favorite in my family, Castine looks beautiful and I’m sure the fresh fish is incredible!

  3. I’m cracking up with the description of that mansion as a cottage. Those cadets look so young and fresh! Hope all goes well for them. Looks like a yummy sandwich.


  5. Linda, a boat trip to this charming town would be perfect. The haddock looks delicious!

  6. So you just hop in a boat 🚤 and motor on over for lunch or dinner? How COOL!!! And what a fabulous building!!!!!! I’ve never eaten haddock. It looks good, though. I’d be willing to hop in the boat and get over there to try it!!!

  7. Castine looks like a wonderful place to visit! Thank you for sharing!

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