Everyday Tables

Greece was on the travel schedule in 2020, but thanks to Covid it was one of many things that didn’t happen. In my mind, however, are images that inspired table and menu for a long overdue gathering of our Maine gourmet group.

When I think of Greece, sparkling blue seas and glistening white buildings come to mind.

It is no surprise those colors should provide inspiration for a table. Surprisingly, I don’t have much blue and white, but a quick trip to Goodwill solved the problem. There I found enough mismatched pieces for a table setting.

The dishes pair well with much loved blue water glasses which this time around will be for wine.

Blue and white napkins with a pattern making me think of the sea complete each setting.

Thoughts of Greece also include lemons, bougainvillea and olive oil which inspired a simple centerpiece. Though rhododendrons, the blossom colors are those of bougainvillea that contrast with pristine white walls.

Whether or not this table resembles one around which we would have sat in Greece, it does attempt to capture its colors and textures. Hopefully the meal being planned will do so as well.

Until whenever, I’m still dreaming of experiencing the real thing!

20 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. Hope you get to travel to Greece when it’s safe to travel again, but for now, creating the Greece experience in our homes is a brilliant and fun idea. I think it’s way more relaxing too. I was able to see Santorini for a day. It was beautiful, but the hectic schedule and intense heat made me cranky and did not fully enjoy being there. I was able to get great pictures and I would rather have a lasting experience of happiness and excitement. Perhaps on my next visit. Take care.

    1. I keep hoping, but in the meantime, I’ll pretend!

  2. Very creative and I love how you combine each thing in your table that become a masterpiece, a masterpiece that represent a very beautiful country, Greece is one of the country that I aspire to visit!

    1. Lucky you to have been there. I still hope for the opportunity to go.

  3. Very creative and pretty! I love your inspiration and hope you get to take your trip to Greece!

    1. Yes, I hope so, too, if and when we feel comfortable to travel abroad.

  4. I think of blue and white when I think of Greece. That Pfaltzgraff pattern was our wedding registry stoneware. Glad your gourmet group could meet and enjoy a meal together.

    1. If you were closer, I could have borrowed blue and white dishes from your!

  5. Greece is one of my favorite places that we have been! I love your table…!

  6. What a creative way to bring Greece to your table – beautiful pictures!

    1. One of these days I hope to see the real thing!

  7. Love your “finds,” beautiful table. It’s not the same as being there, but you made a celebration anyway.

  8. I am happy you are enjoying Greece right there in your home!
    Beautiful blues my friend.
    Happy Sunday!

    1. These days of no travel, I have to pretend!

  9. I always enjoy the images and commentary you share in your posts. Your perspective is always refreshing and thought-provoking. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Elaine. It is a pleasure to know you are out there!

  10. I’m so sorry your trip to Greece had to be postponed, but I love it that you’re living the dream the best way possible until the real thing comes to be! I made Greek-inspired appetizers yesterday: hummus, olives, feta, cucumbers , roasted red bell peppers and grilled pita all tucked into a martini glass! I must have felt your yearning for travel!😄 Have a fantabulous week!

    1. Hmmm, I know who would have been asked to bring appetizers!

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