Think Maine, Think Lobster

Mention Maine and it’s not surprising to have the response be something about lobster. Those who have been here remember with pleasure its tasty goodness while those who have Maine on their bucket list can’t wait for their first bite.

At our house, we welcome guests with the traditional Maine fare of lobster, corn and potatoes. The hubby is in charge of preparing, and knowing that some folks are having lobster for the first time he makes getting to the meat as easy as possible.

He slits the shell so the tail comes out in one piece and cracks and drains the claws to eliminate some of the messiness. Those steps definitely reduce the amount of hard work involved in eating a lobster.

A real favorite for lobster lovers is the lobster roll, and Maine is full of lobster shacks.

One that is always crowded, rain or shine, in the summer is the much publicized Red’s Eats in Wiscassett. People stand in line as long as an hour for the privilege of paying $30, yes $30, for a roll piled high with 8 ounces of lobster meat. Unless you are really hungry that is enough to share which makes the price seem like a good deal!

Red’s may be the most famous lobster shack in Maine, but my preference is for those in out of the way places where the line isn’t as long and the food equally good and likely less costly.

Too, the view may be one that makes the lobster roll taste even better!

A final word about lobster rolls. They must be made only with fresh lobster seasoned with a bit of mayonnaise or served with melted butter. Ask any Mainer, and you’ll learn that made any other way it is not a real lobster roll.

8 thoughts on “Think Maine, Think Lobster

  1. I’ve never understood the appeal of waiting in the long line at Red’s Eats in Wiscassett for an expensive lobster when there are lobster rolls to be had for far less with a mound of fries and coleslaw with table service. 😊 People see the line and think it must be something special.

  2. Your husband is a very thoughtful lobster host. I’ll wait to try a lobster roll for when I can get to Maine so I can have it properly. 🙂

  3. Maine is so charming and all the local spots you share sound wonderful!

  4. I would love a fresh lobster roll and would gladly pay $30! What a great idea to prepare the lobsters for dinner guests by cracking the claws and freeing the tails, I wish I could come for dinner!

  5. Love your posts! We’ve missed our usual spring and fall trips to Maine for the past year +. Planning to make it to BBH in September. A stop at Red’s included. Until then I’ll continue to to enjoy Maine through your photos. Thank you.

  6. $30 is rather steep!! My hubby would not want to share, so that would be $60 for 2 sandwiches. We would probably do it once! I would check in with you for other options.

  7. $30?!?!!?!?!?!?!??? Oh, my goodness! That had better be SOME SANDWICH for 30 bucks!!!!!!!!! I would likely eat the whole thing alone as I harbor a VERY healthy appetite. Apparently I’m not the cheap date I thought I was!🤣 Wow. $30. But I’d have to do it at least once just for the experience. When in Maine…!🙃 And you’re right: That view would make it all worthwhile.☺️

  8. My mouth is watering. Although we were in Maine last month for a little excursion and I had plenty of lobster, I think it might be time for another!

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