Getting Ready

During the summer months, there are about a dozen lobster boats operating out of Rockport Harbor.

Until the last few days, they mostly have been at their moorings doing little more than bobbing in the water. Why? Because the water temperature has been in the low 50’s, too cold for lobstering.

Day by day there is a little more action which tells me the water is warming. Boats are heading out loaded with identifying buoys and traps which will stay in place until early fall.

Gulls are happy to follow along thinking they might get a morsel or two when traps are being baited.

Though commonly called lobstermen, not all who captain a vessel are men. Some hardy women not afraid of hard work and who love the sea are drawn to lobstering . In fact, one of these gals was featured late May on Good Morning America which was being filmed right here on the harbor. Maybe some of you saw it and got a taste for this beautiful place.

It won’t be long now before boats will be returning with the day’s haul. I can’t wait and will be at the dock hoping to claim a few lobsters for that night’s dinner. Having access to them right out of the water is another of the things I love about being in Maine.

19 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Mystic is a lobster fishing village. It was Julia Roberts’s first movie.

  2. That’s something yummy to look forward too.

  3. Idyllic
    And it makes me think of the movie Mystic Pizza.

    1. Elaborate as I do not know the movie.

  4. We’ve just returned from Maine, and there were many lobster boats getting ready for the season. We took a cruise to see puffins — it left out of New Harbor. We love the area, the people, the scenery, and, of course, the lobsters! Although we saw only one woman on the lobster boats, we think there will be more to come, as you said.

    1. How wonderful to hear you enjoyed Maine. It is a very special place.

  5. Kudos to ANY woman who would dare to risk life and limb out there on a lobster boat!!!! I am tickled pink at the very thought! Hooray for them! Woman Power!!!!!!!!

    I envy your ability to saunter down to the dock to pick up such a great dinner treat. Living here in the Midwest where cow is King, it’s a little harder to mosey out to a pasture and get one of those babies on the supper table within mere minutes!🤣🤣🤣

    Enjoy your time in Maine again this summer!

    1. I have to chuckle imagining sauntering out to pasture for a cow!

  6. Wow, fresh lobster straight from the water! Beautiful photos, Linda.

    1. Now we just need them to be a little more plentiful so the price will drop.

  7. Beautiful photos Linda, and I’m drooling thinking of fresh lobster! It is so hard to get in the South…Have a wonderful summer in Maine!

    1. Time in Maine is always good for my soul.

  8. Lucky you!
    Yummy lobster dinner!
    Happy summer kickoff!

    1. Lobster in any form is a favorite.

  9. I would sit and wait all day for a fresh lobster. Enjoy dinner

    1. You wouldn’t have to wait too long as most of the boats are in by noon or a little after.

  10. Oh Lulu… eating Lobster right out of the ocean has to be such a delight! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!
    How fun for you! And how beautiful it all is!
    Enjoy your week my friend!

    1. While in Maine, we eat lots of seafood as it is all so fresh.

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