Into the Sunset

We called him our camp counselor because he was so good at planning and organizing outings. This day our group of nine headed to Hunting Island to watch the sun set over the marshes.

Arriving at our destination the grasses were soaking up the last of the sun’s golden rays.

As we walked the boardwalk to the viewing deck, we found that we were not the only folks desiring to watch the sunset. This pair intended to enjoy it in relaxed comfort.

Knowing we might have to wait a bit for the show to begin, the group had come prepared with plenty of munchies and drink.

It wasn’t long before the sun began to do its magic.

From moment to moment, the light changed coloring the sky.

Watching, it was as if the sun was sending its farewell as it disappeared behind the horizon.

Thinking we had seen all the sun had to offer, we packed our goods and began the trek back to the cars. Somewhere along the way I glanced over my shoulder and shrieked with delight seeing the gift that was behind.

Photo compliments of PCL

Witnessing such beauty again reminded me that God, with his/her incredible skill, is the best artist.

16 thoughts on “Into the Sunset

  1. So happy that you got to enjoy that spectacular sky.

    1. You get to do the same in Florida.

      1. That we do. Thank 😊

  2. So amazing. What a fun outing! Glad you looked back…

  3. What a simple fun, but memorable experience, stunning!

    1. It doesn’t take much for an outing be be special.

  4. Oh my gosh, these are amazing photos of sunset, thank you for sharing. I could feel the peace and calm you must felt while enjoying the sky’s changing hues. I, too, love sunsets and they’re also usually gorgeous here in Singapore. 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I would very much like to experience a Singapore sunset.

  5. Hello from La Grange, Linda! Thanks for taking me virtually along on your outing. I love the photos and sense of seeking the unexpected. Elaine

    1. A different part of the country always leads to new experience.

  6. So pretty!

  7. God paints the most beautiful sunsets…lovely photos!

    1. Every sunset is full of wonder.

  8. love it……was in that area a few years ago and really enjoyed being there.

    1. It has introduced us to many new sights.

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