This is Dataw Island

Once known as Datha Island, Dataw is one of South Carolina’s sea islands. Like so much else in the low country the island has considerable history.

It’s recorded history dates back to 1682. Some years later, it was discovered that the island was suitable for growing cotton and indigo which guaranteed wealth for the family that owned Dataw for some years.

Remains of the plantation dating back to the 1800’s are carefully preserved on the island.

Sams Plantation Kitchen

In addition to the main house are several other structures that tell of life on the plantation. What is interesting is their construction of oyster shells mixed with sand, lime and water. It is called tabby which is thought to have originated in Spain and eventually found its way to the New World.

Dairy & Cold Room, Blade House

Dataw Island represented one of the largest collections of tabby construction in the South with about 15 tabby buildings on the plantation properties.

Until 1983 when it was sold to Alcoa, Dataw was privately owned. Thanks to thoughtful development, Dataw has become an oasis where residents and visitors can enjoy natural beauty in a historical setting.

Golf course view

It features two championship golf courses as well as a number of other amenities to appeal to a variety of interests from pickleball to photography to boating to name a few.

Walking the quiet streets, it is not uncommon to see a gator sunning by a pond or a bird of one type or another strolling close by.

With all it has to offer, Dataw is a delightful place for residents and guests alike. It has been a pleasure experiencing it, and I have to say that it being a wonderful place to explore, people are incredibly cordial. That is always a plus for any place I visit.

14 thoughts on “This is Dataw Island

  1. I love South Carolina, so many beautiful places to see and explore. I haven’t heard of Dataw, thanks for sharing, the plantation ruins are wonderful.

    1. Exploring the sea islands has exposed us to many new sights.

  2. What a wonderful place to enjoy. That construction is interesting to see. Glad you could get away and share some new places with us.

  3. Really enjoyed your pictures and commentary.

    1. With so many friends here, it has been a fun trip.

  4. You had a wonderful little escape, the low country is so interesting.

    1. Indeed it is and an area we’ve not spent much time in.

  5. Hope to see you in Houston, before you folks head to Maine.
    I agree that Dataw Island is a very special place!

  6. Your trip to the Low Country was delightful and I have enjoyed your photos and posts!

  7. What a treat to come along with you on your historic trip and enjoy the gorgeous pictures without even having to pack a bag! Thanks!

  8. Billie Keirstead March 28, 2021 — 4:33 pm

    Where are you heading next?

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