History Revealed

On a road seeming to go nowhere and suggesting we were lost, what a surprise for it to become an interesting adventure.

So it was when out of the corner of my eye I saw relics that reminded me of a favorite spot in Tuscany. “Quick,” I called to the hubby, “turn around!” Having no idea what generated such an urgent request, he did so wondering what could possibly have generated my curiosity.

Walking up to the remaining structure, it wasn’t clear what its purpose had been.

Not until wandering the grounds and discovering crumbling stones did it become likely that the building has once been a church or chapel.

Judging from the hard to decipher script, the stones told that both the cemetery and the building had been around for a long time.

A mausoleum still stands, but I could not determine its origin or for whom it provides a final resting place.

Looking between the bars at the interior, I discovered these wonderful textures the colors of which could well be inspiration for a woven piece.

Now rusted and bent were remnants of what once must have been lovely decorative fencing.

With every step I wondered about the identity and history of this place. Only as I walked back toward the car did I spy this sign that partially answered the question. I like the name Chapel of Ease which to my mind implies a place of comfort and a peaceful transition between life and death.

Had we not been on this road going who knows where, we might not have found this historic place where so many stories must reside. It was definitely worth the turn around.

13 thoughts on “History Revealed

  1. It is always fun when you can make a discovery like the chapel.

  2. Beautiful! can’t wait for more discoveries.

  3. What an exciting adventure!I l am always looking for little roads leading to nowhere in particular! Especially in and around Blowing Rock, NC.
    I never worry about getting lost, do you?
    Can always backtrack!

  4. What a fabulous find! I’m always up for an adventure!

  5. So interesting. You always find the best places!

  6. It must have felt like you had gone back in time…

  7. What a great find. We have fond memories of Beaufort.

  8. Fun! I love exploring backroads and taking time to explore.

  9. Those are the best trips I am grateful to have had many when are you headed back to Maine?

    1. We’ll return to Maine late May.😊

  10. What a discovery…I love to see places like this. We always have to be on the lookout to find the unexpected!

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