Beyond Pickleball

Pickleball is fun for so many reasons. Not only is it competitive and great exercise, it’s a great way to meet people. In casual games, players rotate so no one remains a stranger for very long.

During breaks in play, one thing leads to another and you never know what you are going to learn about someone. I knew Kathy Crowther was a player with a mean serve and lots of energy, and as time passed I learned she was an accomplished artist who starts her day with coffee in one hand and a paintbrush in the other.

Kathy loves nature, and her work is a visual interpretation of what she sees in marshes, woods, beaches and mountains.

She works on one painting at a time meticulously creating the detailed realism that characterizes her work.

Aside from her incredible detail, what struck me is Kathy’s use of brilliant color combinations.

Especially appealing, too, is how Kathy often extends her painting onto the mat thus giving such freedom to the composition.

While birds and animals are favorite subjects, they are complemented by flora and fauna natural to their environment.

A pickleball player Kathy may be, but she possesses a talent far beyond her court skills. What she does with her brush, watercolor and ink causes my heart to sing with joy.

For more about Kathy and where her work may be seen, visit here:

7 thoughts on “Beyond Pickleball

  1. These are beautiful Lulu…thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful, I love her work!

  3. Incredible! Beautiful paintings with such detail!

  4. Such fun art. I like it. We would love to put a pickleball court on our acreage but it is probably above our budget. 🙂 We have the space and it would be a great way to get exercise for sure.

  5. These paintings are divine! So much detail and precision, but also great vivid colors. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow, beautiful work, she has such patience and color skills!

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