Restoring Heart and Soul

Covid fatigue. Frustration with the goings on in Texas. Call it what you will, I needed a little break from anything that required more of me than working in a yard suffering from extreme cold or walking and listening to audio books.

The hubby and I decided a change of scenery would serve us well, so we are spending time on Dataw Island in South Carolina. It is where several of our Maine friends have decided to escape winters, so it is fun to share time with them and explore an area in which we’ve not spent much time.

Our first outing was to the Cypress Wetlands in Port Royal. Groomed paths and walkways made it easy to explore, and there was plenty to see through camera lenses.

Right away was a hint of what inhabited the wetlands and warning of their presence.

Alligators there were, not just one or two but many sunning themselves. Some were so covered with algae they were hard to spot.

Zooming in made me realize alligators are not one of nature’s more beautiful creatures!

Funny how some were not visible to my eye, but photos gave proof they were there.

Second to the number of gators were turtles, big and little. They, too, had a way of creeping into photos. Unless their heads were extended, it was as hard to tell them from the algae as their counterparts were.

More than the gators and turtles, I was fascinated by the birds. There was a great blue heron casting a watchful eye over its surroundings and standing at attention for minutes on end.

A commorant stood still as a statue drying its wings.

Tens of great and snowy egrets and what I think were wood storks relaxed and strutted in the grass paying no attention to human intrusion.

Nestled among tree branches were birds unknown to me.

Maybe those of you more expert can identify them.

Somewhere in the moss draped live oaks were songbirds never seen but whose music filled the air.

So, here I am experiencing new sights and sounds that will give new energy to my head and heart. Thanks for joining me.

13 thoughts on “Restoring Heart and Soul

  1. It’s so great you were able to make a little getaway to surroundings so beautiful and peaceful! Nature never stops amazing me. The gators are scary, but they have their own beauty. The blue herons…one of my favorites! For some reason they have always reminded me of Red Skelton. Go figure?!!

  2. Travel is definitely good for the soul…just what you both need.

  3. Barbara Christensen March 9, 2021 — 4:24 pm

    I love birds. I think your beautiful pictures are Black-crowned Night Herons. Adult and immature.

  4. Yeah for a vacation, Linda. If we didn’t have this house being built I would be dealing with a very unhappy husband – who is over there right now helping!! Super photos of your adventures.

  5. Very happy to hear that you and enjoying some quality time away from all the angst here in Texas! We will attempt to get things back to normal for your return. Well maybe I spoke too soon… Warm regards, Elaine

  6. Happy to hear you have taken a break! Enjoy!

  7. You deserved a getaway after that awful winter storm in Texas! I love the islands off the Carolinas {except for the gators!} We used to go to Kiawah before we bought our beach house.

  8. How wonderful that you could get away to this interesting place. It does sound like a refreshing experience!

  9. A getaway sounds so perfect. Your photos are amazing!

  10. Great pictures, Linda. Hope the 2 of you have a good time.

  11. one half hour from where I live, I walked. the boardwalk last weekend, so happy you got to enjoy natures beauty in South Carolina

  12. Have a great time. Getaways especially with friends truly lifts the spirits!

  13. An amazing photography 😀

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