A Trifle Attempt

Who knows what prompts certain thoughts to pop into your head especially when the thought has something to do with a trifle! Now, I do like trifles and have on occasion made them. Usually, they are the ones saturated with sherry, filled with berries and have layers of whipped cream. While tasty, I thought it would be fun to explore the options.

Never did it occur to me there would be so many, and one sounded just as good as another. Coming across a recipe made with ginger snaps sealed my decision as I had on hand those yummy triple ginger ones from Trader Joe’s.

Here it is, a Caramel Pear Cheesecake Trifle featured in Food & Wine magazine. It’s a beauty, right? Just looking at that picture made my mouth water, so after gathering all the ingredients I got to work. The recipe wasn’t particularly hard, and I followed each step to a T. When the pears were cooled and the mousse ready there’s was nothing left to do but begin the careful layering.

From the git go my trifle wasn’t going to compare with the one pictured despite having done each step exactly as directed.

No, the layers were barely recognizable and the pears were pale in comparison. Even the whipped cream didn’t look the same as that in the Food & Wine photo.

Oh well, when it was served no one left a bite which is always a pretty good indication that something tastes good. Even so, I couldn’t help but wonder if the trifle had been made in a tall, skinny dish would it have more closely resembled the photo. Food for thought before making the next one.

8 thoughts on “A Trifle Attempt

  1. There is no telling what the studio did to take that Food & Wine photo. What counts is how it tastes and I’m sure yours was delicious.

  2. Linda, that dessert looks superb. I wish I was there to test it out. You KNOW I would love it.

  3. I love trifle and this looks yummy. Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕 😘 ❣️ 😍 ❤️ 🥰 💘

  4. Glad it was delicious! The ingredients sound good.

  5. It sounds divine Linda, and I want to share what a friend of mine told me~ she used to be a photographer for Southern Living magazine and she said they often “styled” their food with fake things, food coloring and other tricks to make it look really great in the photos!

  6. Looks delicious!

  7. As long as the taste was wonderful is all that matters! Just remember food stylists for magazines make sure it is perfection! I would be thrilled to enjoy yours!

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