The Day After

As soon as the needle went in for the second round of the Covid vaccine, my arm was sore. That wasn’t the case with the first shot though a week after my upper arm started itching and swelled up. I guess that is what you’d call a delayed reaction.

With both shots, I got a headache almost immediately and was very sleepy. Fortunately, both were in the early evening so it was OK to go to bed before 9 PM.

Seldom am I sick, but a couple of weeks ago I woke feeling very lightheaded and a bit nauseous. As the day went on, all I wanted to do was sleep which was more than a bit unusual.

Guess what? This morning I woke feeling the very same way which is making me think that both instances are a reaction to the vaccine. This time it just happened a little quicker. Certainly nothing serious, just a little inconvenient.

Today I’ve made no effort to do anything but read and nap knowing this will pass in a day or two. With that in mind, I allowed myself a little pampering in a tub filled with bubbles. It was a struggle to stay awake nestled in bubbly warm water.

I know many of you are waiting for the vaccine, and I hope your experience is as seamless as ours at Houston’s Methodist Hospital that was so well organized and efficient. Many kudos!

If you’ve had the vaccine, perhaps you can share your after effects. Hopefully, they were little more than a sore arm and a woozy feeling.

15 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. Sorry you had a reaction but I know you feel better knowing you are now safer. We have both had two shots of the Moderna without any side affects.

  2. I’m on a list, but I’ve not yet been called up. I want to get in there and just do the thing!!!! Get it over with!!! Ramon has had both with few after effects. I’m sorry you had a bad case of the blahs after, but glad it was nothing more serious. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! That’s helpful as we continue to cautiously and anxiously navigate this pandemic! 😷 Have a great weekend!

    1. Knowing I’m a little safer now makes any after effects OK! Hope you get your shot soon.

  3. Got our first injection this morning,
    so far so good! Feel blessed to have gotten the process started, it was well run and very efficient at Memorial Herman/TIRR.

    1. Great! Hope there were no after effects.

  4. Sorry for the reaction of the second shot, Linda. We go in for the first one this afternoon. I’ve got three books ready and pajamas ready! My brother left yesterday – all the built ins complete on the house. So happy that is done before a possible reaction to the shot.

    1. I know you are glad to have gotten that first shot and hope you were fine after.

  5. oh sorry, but at least you’ve gotten the vaccines, not available where I am yet…

    1. I hope vaccine comes your way soon.

  6. February 4, 2021 — 4:43 pm

    Linda! Sorry to hear you have had a reaction. I got my second shot yesterday and I feel just fine. A bit of a sore arm but nothing that kept me from playing tennis today Good that you are getting rest, I keep hearing that these reactions do not last very long

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  7. Congratulations🙌
    We had our 2nd dose Monday, I had a headache again & sore arm and Ricky had nothing!
    Hope it gives immunity for a good while. I do feel safer now and can be around the grands again.

    1. What means the most is your being around the kiddos again.

  8. Interesting. I had Moderna, and that first night I had a very restless sleep, uncomfortable is the only way to describe it, almost woozy feeling. Just a sore arm the next two days. On day 9, my arm was itching, felt like a small knot and, lo and behold, a red bullseye! That lasted until day 11. I will get my next one soon, and am expecting to not feel well. My shingles vaccine made me very ill with the first one for about 36 hours (chills, fever, sweats). It’s all worth the price of being able to get out again! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. I think we both experienced the Moderna itch!

  9. I have not had it yet… Sweet Man gets it soon.
    I have heard that many are getting sick after the second shot. But I am told by many Nurse friends and an Infection Control Manager that …It’s quite common and it means it is doing what it is suppose to do.
    Congratulations on your Vaccines!

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