Being a Wildflower

This wonderful little book was given me by a special friend three years ago after my Achilles surgery. It was (and still is) the perfect gift to help make the healing process bearable.

Today I opened to this page and had to laugh out loud as I thought about all the times I’ve stumbled across a farm stand or farmers market.


No matter where I go if there’s a market any where near it calls out to me. In addition to what is sold, there are beneficial messages. Always they give insight to an area’s culture.


A market may introduce exotic and unfamiliar products that deliver a new taste.


Sometimes a market stop makes me aware of the difficulty of some lives which touches my heart and makes me realize how fortunate I am. Whenever possible I make a little purchase hoping it might help feed a family that day.

In my Maine back yard, it is not uncommon to stumble across a farmers market in the middle of nowhere. Large or small, they are well supported as many Mainers value fresh and appreciate the effort of those hard working people who provide.

Beth’s is one of the larger markets and its goods tempt the senses all year long. Folks come from miles around to take advantage of an abundance of seasonal offerings.

Once found, it is impossible not to return. From my house it is slightly more than a 30 mile round trip which does make it real far(m) but worth the drive.

No matter where the market, the experience is rewarding. If stumbling across one is a way of being a wildflower, I’m all in!

15 thoughts on “Being a Wildflower

  1. It is a 25 minute drive to our favorite farmer’s market and it is definitely worth the drive.

    1. When you find one you like, it’s definitely worth the drive.

  2. I miss the farm stands here in AZ but we have lots of them in Pennsylvania. Thank you for sharing all the world markets. How wonderful for you and now for us.
    Have a lovely day my friend!

    1. At least you get to take advantage of them part of the year.

  3. We appreciate farmer’s markets more and more. I’m going to stop at a year round stand that I’ll post about soon where the owner trusts the customers to take what they want and leave payment.

    1. Houston has farmers markets that I enjoy but they can’t compare to Maine which also may rely on the honor system.

  4. The best places to find the best food. Your photographs are stunning!

    1. I agree and I enjoy getting to know the folks who provide the bounty.

  5. I so much, agree with you!

  6. Indeed you have been a SUPER wildflower with your globetrotting adventures!!!!!! This inspires me. I occasionally visit farm stands as there are many in my immediate area, but I need to do it more often and in more remote areas. I don’t mind the drive (heck…I drive more than 40 miles round trip twice weekly to train, so…!), and it would be educational in many ways. I remember driving more than 30 miles to the Shatto Milk Company to try their milk and see their farm operations! Totally worth it!

    1. Here I have several options but they just aren’t the same. Maybe that’s because Houston isn’t a farming area.

  7. Fresh stands are irresistible! I am lucky enough to have several very close by, and the produce is always so much more appealing than what is available in the grocery store!

    1. I agree, Jenna, plus I like supporting the folks who do the hard work.

  8. I love farm stands, they really say a lot about the people and their way of life! Thanks for sharing those snippets from far away places

    1. In Maine, I so appreciate the young people who have returned to the earth.

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