From the Heart

Like so many other bloggers I stay away from controversial topics choosing instead those that are “safe”. Today, however, I feel the need to speak out in the aftermath of what has happened in the United States.

Never in my life did I anticipate anything like what took place in our nation’s capitol on Wednesday, January 6. It is a blemish on all Americans and tarnishes our image throughout the globe. While much of the blame rests on our president for encouraging his supporters to protest the outcome of the recent presidential election, he is not totally at fault. Unrest for a variety of reasons has been bubbling under the surface for a number of years.

What is important now is how we move forward and look for ways to close the gaps that exist in this very divided country. Part of the responsibility lies with the incoming president who is inheriting humongous challenges. The greater responsibility, however, lies with each of us who live in this country we hold dear.

Without question there will be different opinions about our country’s ills. That’s OK provided those differences lead to positive outcome. Destroying property whether locally or in the nation’s capitol is not the answer. Rather we must ask ourselves what together we can do for the country, a challenge that echoes back to John F. Kennedy.

Because of recent actions I am embarrassed for this country and want those of you outside of the United States to know that the majority of us are decent people with good intentions. We know our country is not perfect and long for a better tomorrow. While what has happened in recent weeks is like a bad movie, I’m still proud to be an American and will stand for decency and respect for all people.

When it comes to future elections, all of us have a voice, and my hope is that we will choose leaders who we think have good character rather than adhere to party lines. Perhaps then we will have leadership that is not self serving and divisive. Is that too much for which to hope?

13 thoughts on “From the Heart

  1. Laura Moorehead January 8, 2021 — 3:59 pm

    Well said. Let’s move past who is on what side and all move to the side of decency and truth.

    1. Hopefully we can find our way back to more unity as well.

  2. Each year, at Christmas, we pray for “peace on earth”. I pray that 2021 will bring with it peace in America.

  3. Well written!!! My sentiments exactly!!!

  4. So beautifully written from your heart. You express perfectly what I, and the fellow Americans I know, feel today. I pray for our country that we as a nation can heal and be guided by the better angels of our nature (quoting Lincoln) as we move forward. 🙏🙏🙏

    1. It is going to take time, but I am optimistic that better days will return.

  5. I also stay away from political writing in my posts, knowing that nothing I say in this medium will likely change anyone’s opinion. I agree completely with your sentiments here, Linda. How low will it get? This was clearly an assault on our democracy, regardless of how “right” those involved thought they were. God bless us everyone.

    1. Sometimes, Patti, it’s hard to stay quiet when so much that is disturbing is going on around us.

  6. I was horrified on Wednesday, but not surprised.
    As a country we need to take a look at ourselves and our country. We need to examine the fear that is driving so much on all sides. I hope née leadership can help us face the pain and move in healing directions.

    1. How very sad that we have learned to expect the worse.

  7. Bravissimo!!!!!!!! Well stated, my dear. Like you, I tend to shy away from politics and religion as public topics of discussion, but the events of late…it is difficult, if not impossible, to ignore. As the daughter of parents who worked so hard until mentally/physically unable to do so anymore for equal rights and the true definition of a democracy, I know what is right and what is wrong. What happened in this country on Wednesday was yet another in a string of wrongs. I am proud to be an American, but shamed and saddened and angered by what happened. I am VERY angry with and disappointed by my state’s contribution to the melee, Josh Hawley. If we’re looking for another civil war, he will definitely be a candidate for a General on the wrong side of history.

    Enough from me. God bless you for speaking up, and more than ever I fervently ask that God bless and keep America.

    1. Your senator was joined by mine. Both made a terrible error in judgement and may have wiped out their political futures.

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