With all that we have given up in recent months, I decided to keep one thing in place that would make the holiday season seem normal, at least as normal as it can be.

For more years than I can remember, four couples got together for a festive evening and to celebrate friendship. We were eight, but our number has been reduced to six thanks to passings that came too soon. This year we only will be five as one of us is spending Christmas in Oklahoma with family.

No matter that we are few, it makes me happy that soon the door bell will ring and those of us who are here will gather in the best holiday spirit.

As they have been so many times this month, favorite Christmas dishes are on the table. No matter how often they’re used, they lend a sense of fun, and that is just what we need this evening.

As the evening progresses, I’m sure we’ll recall past years when we played charades, girls against the guys and girls won year after year to the consternation of the guys. Always, there was laughter as one of the guys had a great repertoire of jokes and no one could match his ability to tell them. Then, there were the Dorothy stories that one gal couldn’t tell without collapsing in laughter and bringing the rest of us to tears just watching her. To this day, I can’t tell you whether or not the stories were funny!

Hopefully, as the evening winds down the hubby will be in the mood to play a few Christmas songs, and the rest of us can accompany him singing off key!

Tonight will become part of our story, and we will remember Fred and John whose presence is always felt. Who knows which of us will be the last person standing, but as long as any of us are left I hope we will gather round a table to celebrate shared years.

To all of you, Merry Christmas!

20 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. I love your written words, your gorgeous table presentations, and your whimsy!! What a lovely evening you must have had!! I enjoy your blog posts so much!!Mary in Coloraddo

    1. Thank you, Mary, for your kind words. It makes me happy to know that you are out there.

  2. What a wonderful tradition. I’m happy to read you continued with your gathering this year.

    1. Though smaller, the five of us enjoyed a wonderful evening.

  3. Lovely to hear about your tradition and see the beautiful decorations.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

    1. My pleasure. I am so glad you are following along.

  4. Love to you, and I wish you all God’s blessings!

    1. I send the same to you, Alycia.

  5. Friendships are to be cherished, especially as we get older. I hope your party was fabulous!

    1. I agree that friendships are special as they are so filled with shared experience. The evening was enjoyed by all.

    1. Thank you, Eunice, for your loyal support.

  6. As it should be, for we never know what moment is the last. Hope you all have a wonderful time. Love the tablescape – so inviting and festive. Merry Christmas!

    1. How right you are which is why we must take advantage of every minute.

  7. May your evening together be more special than ever as you celebrate your friendship. Merry Christmas!

  8. Beautifully written!!!Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, a good Christmas Day, and may your 2021
    be filled with good health and much happiness!

    1. Thank you. I send all good wishes your way.

  9. So beautiful, Linda! I can see you all, in my mind’s eye, happy laughter, Christmas carols, delicious dinner… .




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