Everyday Tables

To keep my word to make where we eat as festive as possible thru the end of December requires a lot of mixing and matching. Last week I shared some looks with snowman plates, so it’s time to move on with some other combinations.

With their images of Santa, trees and holly, creations from from Bella Ceramics are cheerful as can be.

They can be combined in so many ways which makes them my favorites for the season.

No matter how the they are accessorized, there is always a gaiety about the setting.

These same dishes are used year after year with the only thing new the napkins found at Homegoods. Their message is a reminder that this is the time of year to be merry no matter that everything is upside down.

What makes the Bella Ceramics winners is that the hubby notices the different presentations. Who knows? Maybe they even make simple foods taste a little better!


Tablescape Thursday

8 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. Fun and happy. The food looks great, as well.

  2. the plates are just adorable! I love your Santa gourds too! It is always shocking when you can get a man to notice details 😂 ! Have a Merry week!

  3. When your HUSBAND notices, you KNOW you’ve done something right or something really, really innovative! Good for you!!!!!!!!!! AND I like how you’re committed to keeping it fresh through the end of the month! I’ve tried to keep to that, too, since all meals are taken at home these days. (We really don’t eat out much anyway, but whatever!) My husband actually WANTS to sit in the dining room now. Weird! This stay at home stuff has changed him…for the better!😂😂😂 Have a great weekend!

  4. Very festive! Love those green holly leaf trees!

  5. Linda, I always love your tables and your artistic eye as you things in a different way and mix it up!

  6. nice tablescape 🙂 and the new napkins are great!!

  7. Fun and festive. The food looks good, too.

  8. What beautiful table settings! So festive and colorful. Thanks for brightening this season for all of us!

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