Satisfying a Hunger

Do you ever get a hunger for something and it won’t go away until it is satisfied? Maybe because I felt a need for comfort food I couldn’t get my mind off Shepherd’s Pie.

Usually, when that yearning hits I go to a restaurant that makes a great one, hot and steamy and oh so good! This time that wasn’t going to work as I am in Houston and my favorite Shepherd’s Pie is in Maine. What to do?

I’ve never made a Shepherd’s Pie, but I know what is in it. Looking in the refrigerator I discovered none of the usual ingredients. I didn’t even have ground beef, but I was not to be deterred!

Here is what was on hand, and I saw no reason for it not to be OK to use green beans instead of peas and stew meat instead of ground beef.

I wasn’t sure how to proceed, but I know how to make beef stew so using that as a guide I first browned the meat, onions and celery and then added the carrots and green beans along with beef broth and seasonings. By now I was having fun so why not throw in a little red wine and herbs de Provence? As this mixture was bubbling away, so were potatoes to be mashed for the topping.

All done, the mixture was placed in individual serving bowls and a generous portion of mashed potatoes spread on top. I couldn’t resist sprinkling a little cheese on top. Into the oven to bake long enough for the pie to be heated through and the potatoes browned a bit. As it baked, the kitchen filled with good smells that whetted my appetite even more.

Though not a traditional Shepherd’s Pie, the result was pretty darned good. Could I do the same thing again? Probably not as that would require remembering portions of the ingredients. Oh well, it doesn’t matter as the dish more than satisfied my craving. More than once I might add as there was enough for a second and a third dinner. Now that I think about it I should have frozen two of the containers so the next time I get a hunger for Shepherd’s Pie, it would already be prepared.

6 thoughts on “Satisfying a Hunger

  1. Looks wonderful and I’m sure it was delicious. My Mother made so many wonderful things that can never be duplicated because she used a dab, a pinch, a scooth or a tad. I try, but they’re just not the same.

  2. You made a great modification of shepherd’s pie. I love creating things like this. Glad it was delicious. Perfect comfort dish!

  3. Linda, your pie looks delicious. Like Jenna, I enjoy making a dish with what I have on hand.

  4. That’s the beauty in knowing at least the basics of cooking: You can cobble together a “stone soup” without too many reservations! I think your substitutions were spot on, and you may be into something…..🤔

    First vaccines in this country to be administered today, you’ll be headed back to Maine in a few months, and by then you can hit that restaurant to compare your creation to theirs firsthand! (I’m just looking forward to sitting down to eat HOT French fries that haven’t gone soggy en route home wi the takeout!😋)

  5. It looks and sounds divine! …my favorite times in the kitchen are when I have to create a dish with what’s on hand, that makes cooking fun to me!!

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