Everyday Tables

It’s not likely the hubby and I will be doing much entertaining during the holiday season, but that’s no reason for where we eat not to be spirited. The evening meal is the only one we enjoy together, and I’ve promised myself that from now through the end of the year each will have a festive setting.

Some nights we eat at the bar where candles flicker and Santa rides in for a quick howdy do.

Fun snowman salad plates are inspiration enough for a simple and fun setting as they lend themselves to a number of color choices.

No question white plates are a no brainer to pair with them, and Fiesta dishes in different colors add a touch of the unexpected.

A playful nutcracker paper, yes paper, mat serves as background and stays put on the counter for a touch of the season when the meal is done. What I like about the paper mats is they can be thrown away if they get soiled and there are many wonderful designs from which to choose. They are a great thing to buy at after holiday sales. I’m going to keep my eye out for some nutcracker plates as well this year.

Our anniversary is coming up, and I typically prepare the hubby’s favorite meal which includes a veal chop and spinach. To make the evening a bit more special we eat in the dining room which the hubby refers to as the big house! Though a little ahead of myself, I’ve already planned the table.

The snowmen move from the kitchen, and mixed with different accessories they are part of an entirely different look.

Here with reds and greens, Christmas trees and holly berries there is a more traditional feel.

Oh what fun it is to play with all that comes out only once a year and later on I will share with you other settings that make our dinners merry and bright!


Tablescape Thursday

9 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. Makes me smile!

  2. Absolutely. You must do it for yourself. If I was the last man on earth I would still celebrate my birthday!

  3. “The big house.”🤣🤣🤣 Sounds like Ramon. He doesn’t set foot in the dining room, library or my dressing room unless expressly invited in. Why? No idea. No. Blessed. Idea! It’s not like I have precious antiques or anything in those rooms. He’s just weird.🙃

    I love it that you’re doin’ your thing in spite of The ‘Rona. Us, too. We aren’t going to let that get us down in the dumps. It’s been fun coming up with ways to make it all more palatable. Seems you have figured it out, too!

    I’ll have to look for those disposable placemats. I like having options that don’t involve ironing!😉

    Have a happy weekend!

  4. So pretty and festive!

  5. It is fun to play with table settings. That’s a good resolve to enjoy a festive setting for your meal together. Hope you have a good weekend.

  6. There is nothing better than a festive place setting or table, especially during the holidays! I put my holiday china in the kitchen cupboards every year on Dec. 1 for us to use for every meal and enjoy! The snowman plates are so cute {for all winter too!} and I love the holly leaf trees!

  7. I love making our dinner meal special. The snowman plates are adorable, I haven’t seen them before! The bar and table are both beautiful!

  8. Lovely settings! And yes… we need to make our home and place to dine just picture perfect!

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