Everyday Tables

Once Halloween was over, the pumpkins stayed but the spooky things were removed from the table. Replacing them is a garland of leaves with colors the same as what were outside. With the leftover pumpkins interspersed they would become the table decor for November.

More often than not it’s just the hubby and me having dinner at what he calls the “big house”. While it’s a little large for the two of us, I have to agree that it is pleasant and makes dinner a little more special.

It has been fun setting the table as inspired by the colors of the leaves and pumpkins. As with most of my tables, the settings are simple with an emphasis on color and texture.

A favorite plate has been one from the Dollar Store. It repeats every color in the leaf garland making them easy to accent. During the month they have been combined with a number of different accessories so each table has been a bit unique.

Cloth napkins are a must for me, maybe because I like folding them in different ways. This one is made into a simple pocket for the utensils.

As I watched hours of election news my hands stayed busy knitting little pumpkins. Not only were they opportunity for practicing stitch combinations, they’ve added that little something special to many a dinner table.

One of these days life will return to normal and friends can join us at the table. Not much will change with it comes to how it is set, but it will be nice to have a return to conversation and laughter.


Tablescape Thursday

8 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. Love the little pumpkins that you created, they add a warmth to your pretty table that seems to say welcome.

  2. Oh, Linda – what a fabulous table. I love that first picture with pumpkins and leaves taking center stage. The whole table is so colorful and bright. Who wouldn’t love sitting down for a dinner at a table setting like this?

  3. Love those pumpkins you’ve been busy knitting. Fabulous. We finally did some major organizing here and my napkins and tableware are now more accessible. Now all I need are people who want to party. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful tablescape!

  5. Perfect!

  6. I love the centerpiece. Everything is perfect. Beautiful!

  7. Happy Autumn and Thanksgiving!
    Love your little hand knitted pumpkins!
    Future heirlooms!

    1. Thank you. So maybe I should hang on to the pumpkins hoping someone will want them?

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