Season’s End

It’s that time of year when Rockport Harbor undergoes dramatic transformation making it quite a contrast to May-September when the harbor is full of boats big and small, sail and power.

Except for a few lobster boats all others have been hauled and stored for the winter.

Lobster boats will likely stay in the water, but lobstering is over. When the boats go out these days it is to retrieve lobster pots and buoys. Once that work is done lobstermen will busy themselves making repairs in preparation for next season.

Boats aren’t the only thing missing from the harbor. Gone are the mooring balls and the channel markers that through the season have been held in place by heavy lines and chains.

Retrieving them is no easy task as they have been made even heavier by sea life that has attached to the lines.

Aside from the few lobster boats, the harbor is empty but for the docks that have yet to be pulled and stored. As one thing and then another has disappeared, I realize the removal of each is done in a very organized manner. It occurs to me that when spring comes the process will be in reverse with boats being the last to return to the harbor.

Though I miss the harbor’s usual activity , there is something peaceful about it in its restive state. The light is ever changing which creates a special kind of magic. Looking out, all the eye can see is open water and the islands that dot Penobscot Bay. It dawns on me that once there was nothing more.

12 thoughts on “Season’s End

  1. This is definitely the calm time of the year for your harbor.. Pulling the boat, docks and repairs will be finished quickly before the winter storms. It was the same at our lake house in Maine. I always felt a little sad as it was also when we closed the cottage until the following May.

  2. Rockport is beautiful in every season. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wonderful pictures. You are truly in the best of two worlds!

  3. I love the “restive state” of the harbor, Linda. It sparks the imagination of what life used to be like ages ago. Great photographs…as usual.

    1. Quite different from the summer activity for sure but beautiful.

  4. Some times it is hard to watch the seasons end, your photos are bittersweet and beautiful…

  5. Beautiful captures, Linda! Enjoy the changes…

    1. So different but lovely in a new way.

  6. All the things you don’t think about and realize if you don’t live this life. Winterizing is different around these parts. 🙂
    Wonderful photos!

    1. Every place has its own way of preparing for changing seasons.

  7. It’s so compelling to me that you know and understand “the dance steps” to season’s end. I suppose it’s all regional (I’m sure Californians and Midwesterners and Southerners have their own rituals they know by rote), and it’s just cool to read about something different going on elsewhere as we bid fall and fair weather goodbye. You did both a thorough AND intriguing job of explaining it!

    1. I always love your comments which add new dimension to my thoughts. Thank you!

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