Everyday Tables

Like so many others, I’ve spent hours in front of the TV waiting for the outcome of the election. Enough is enough so today I’m going for a walk on a beautiful Maine day, touching base with friends and just because I want to, setting a table. It will feel good to have these diversions.

In the last few days, temperatures have dipped into the 20’s at night bringing with them hard freezes that have decimated any remaining blooms in the yard. Fortunately, some from weeks earlier have dried nicely. These are placed in small bottles which are then inserted into these textured tin vessels. Looking outside I see that the colors are the same as the leaves carpeting the yard.

Too, there are a couple of blackbirds flitting from one tree to another which inspired putting their fake cousins into the mix. Isn’’t it amazing how one thing leads to another?

Any dishes would work with such a neutral centerpiece. These were chosen for no reason other than they felt right.

For sure, they made choosing accessories quite easy. The end result is an exercise in mixing and matching in a way that is cohesive and not at all fussy. I’m hoping the same can define election results!

It’s not usual that I set a table without purpose. No one will be sitting here tonight, but it will be ready for the next who join for an evening of food and conversation.


Tablescape Thursday

6 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. You are so creative! And such a lovely tablescape amidst this vote counting time!
    Happy Weekend!

  2. Very pretty! Temps in the 20s, yikes, it must be about time to head back to Houston!

  3. Linda/Lulu – thank you for visiting my Thistle and Pheasant Run tablescape. This tablescape is beautiful, so characteristic of late fall. I so look forward to getting acquainted with you and your talents! I’ve liked your FB page and signed up for new posts through email. The dichotomy of your two home places are enough to keep my interest piqued! I have family in the Houston (Katy) area and other parts of TX, and we have visited Maine a couple times and really enjoyed those trips. Your fiber art draws me like a moth to flame!

  4. I had to go out and start clearing out all the planters listening to some great sermons on John 1. Great distraction and I got lots of work done so says my lower back! Love the textured tin vessels!

  5. I have chosen to not watch the news coverage. I always enjoy your tables, they are an artful mix and you use things in a different way. Your creativity is amazing!

  6. A perfect use of your time, and I love your plates! My sister came over for a socially distanced visit on my front porch since it was so warm today. I only look at the news once every two hours for about five minutes. We’re all living in limbo!

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