Good Eats

Several years ago neighbors invited the hubby and me to join them for a dinner featuring linguini with clam sauce. Without hesitation I accepted as that is one of my favorite pasta dishes. Learning that it would be prepared by the man of the house made it sound even better!

While our host went about the business of preparing, the rest of us munched from a beautiful hors d’oeuvres tray.

As good as that was, the aroma from the kitchen was even better. Nothing beats that created by garlic simmering in butter. Talk about heightening our appetite for what was to come!

As the sauce continued to bubble, clams were steaming and pasta was cooking.

In just a matter of minutes, the chef was serving up the dish with three sets of eyes watching every move.

Wine was poured, hot bread was on the table and the goodness began. Every bite was perfect, and I ate slowly to savor every bite.

While I gave credit to the chef for creating the delectable dish, he said he couldn’t take it all as the recipe is one he has used for years. When I saw the source it sparked memories of the first time I had pasta with clam sauce. It was at Mama Leone’s back in the days when I was a flight attendant. Most times when there was a New York City layover, that is where the crew headed for dinner. Eating there began my love for all foods Italian.

In any case, this dinner was not a one time affair as it has become an annual tradition. Next year I’ve promised to make the pasta….I can’t wait until we do it again!

6 thoughts on “Good Eats

  1. Delicious pasta . Happy week ahead 🙏

  2. What a fun dinner party! Hope you get to do it again soon!

  3. How wonderful to get together and enjoy this visual meal without the aromas. I can imagine it, though. Glad you can look forward to another time, too.

  4. Oh this looks amazing! A wonderful dinner with sweet memories!
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Linda, what a beautiful dinner and lovely memories of your flying days. I never knew you were a flight attendant.

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