Everyday Tables

October is about ghosts and goblins, witches and pumpkins, so those are the influences for my everyday tables.

For the entire month, this has been the focal of the dining room table. If you are familiar with my tables, you know that every one doesn’t have to be completely redone. What is important is to have something there that lends itself to a variety of options.

I do have a dish fetish, so to set a table all I have to do is go to the cupboard and see what strikes my fancy. Here these very fall like dishes are perfect. The black wine stems and spider webby looking placemats make the setting a little spooky.

As a final touch I added a newly knitted pumpkin to each place. I’ll tell you more about those in another post.

When a table is done, it is always such fun to stand back and see how all the elements come together.

For a change of pace, this table is for a very casual Sunday brunch with friends we haven’t seen in some time. The reason for choosing these dishes is that they have a cup and saucer for morning coffee. You laugh, but that is something missing from most of my dishes!

Anyway, by changing the dishes, placemats and flatware there is a whole new look to the table.

What was best about this table were the pancakes made with Trader Joe’s pumpkin pancake mix. Can you tell no one was willing to wait for me to snap a photo before taking a bite?

These same two sets of dishes have been used multiple times with each one having different accents and combinations. None took more than a few minutes to put together and the centerpiece worked for all.

If you look again you may wonder about the witch house being in the way.

It was so when time came to be seated, it was removed leaving the little witch and the pumpkins unobtrusively on the table thus making conversation very easy.

So, for a few more days the centerpiece will stay as is. Then all but the pumpkins will be taken away and put in storage until next year. In the meantime, I’ll be thinking about what will work for November.

11 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. How fun! Is your cooking as good as your table arrangements?! You’ve set the bar pretty high 😀. My mom used to love doing things like this for holidays and I do miss that. Sadly, not my strength!

    1. Actually I am a good cook, but cooking is not nearly as much fun as setting the table.

  2. I always love your tables. What a treat for your guests, brunch looks delicious!

    1. Thanks, Pam. Tables are always the fun part.

  3. Beautiful settings, love it!

  4. Love your Halloween table vignette! And I would love some pancakes and bacon, yum! Happy Halloween Linda!

  5. Lovely table setting! I agree with you, those deep red plates are perfect for your setting. 🙂

    1. Thank you. It’s fun changing things up.

  6. An appropriate table for a week ending with Halloween, a full moon and our clocks being set back 1 hour!

    1. Now I have to think about what happens next. One thing’s for sure, today is very different from yesterday!

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